Our live blog +++ about the coronavirus 😷

ND24 💛 NailDesign - as usual there for everyone!



  • We want to support all studios in reopening ❤️ For the entire month of March, we are increasing our VIP studio customers' extra discount to 20% for every order (this is added to all discount promotions and vouchers used)!!! You can register your studio here >>>







  • From Monday the nail salons will have to close again; In plain language: service providers in the area of ​​personal care such as cosmetic studios, massage practices, tattoo studios and similar businesses will be closed because physical proximity is essential in this area. Medically necessary treatments, such as physiotherapy, occupational and logotherapy as well as podiatry/foot care, remain possible. Hairdressing salons remain open under the existing hygiene requirements.


  • There are currently delays on a few packages from DHL because there is a hotspot of infections in the DHL parcel center here in the district. However, DHL has assured us that there will be no more delays in the future, as a nearby freight center is helping to compensate for employee absences. More information can be found here

June 30th

  • Starting tomorrow, we will increase our offer percentage by 3% and thereby pass on the VAT savings to you. The federal government's economic stimulus package provides for a temporary reduction in VAT from 19 to 16 percent, i.e. three percentage points. We would like to pass this on to you: 30% discount becomes 33%, 40% --> 43% or 50% --> 53% etc. extra discount on our changing weekly offers. This means for you - save cash until December 31, 2020.

May 27th



  • Current information from DHL: Due to the Corona virus, the volume of parcels is currently very high, which can sometimes lead to delays. If possible: Determine a storage location in your home/on your property. If possible, meet our delivery person on the stairs in apartment buildings (while maintaining a safe distance). If possible, address your packages to a Packstation.





  • Attention: Contrary to a lot of fake news circulating on social networks and online forums, with exceptions (Thuringia, Schleswig Holstein), cosmetic salons and nail salons must remain closed in accordance with the Corona regulation! Mobile services are also expressly prohibited. So far we have no reliable information as to when they will be allowed to reopen.


April 30th

April 29th

April 28th

  • We had to set the remover to "Sold out" - we'll get supplies soon!

April 27th

April 24th

April 22nd

  • Today we received replenishments in many parts of the range!
  • The problems with DHL delivery appear to have been largely resolved. However, there are of course details to be taken into account - DHL's Corona information page

April 20th

April 18th

April 17th

April 16th

April 15th

April 14th



  • There may be a delay in answering your emails and returns over the Easter holidays. Please excuse me and be patient! It may take longer than 24 hours until you receive a response.









  • Update: DHL now correctly displays the shipment status again.
  • Our service is currently behind in answering your emails . Please excuse me and be patient! It may take longer than 24 hours until you receive a response.
  • DHL currently seems to have problems displaying the shipment status (tracking). Don't be confused if it looks like nothing is happening here at the moment. We are in communication with DHL and are currently clarifying this in more detail. Update follows...


  • Very good news: Gel starter sets are available again!
  • Bad news: We had to switch off the Shellac starter sets for the time being.
  • Until further notice, we can no longer offer payment/delivery via DHL cash on delivery.


  • Baby boomer gel sets are slowly becoming scarce. We can still offer this: 5 x Baby Boomer Gel Set . Otherwise, simply put it together according to your own taste: Adhesive Gel + FrenchGel + MakeUpGel + 1-phase rose/pink + Finish Gel - your own set is ready.
  • If you have sent something back - be patient, we will endeavor to process returns, complaints and chargebacks as quickly as possible - don't worry!
  • We sent an email to all customers today: Latest news about your delivery . Many have already received a shipping confirmation + tracking number and nothing happened for a long time "The shipment was announced electronically". You have to understand that in “normal” times we always hand over the delivery directly to DHL; However, it sometimes takes longer. We ask for your understanding and apologize for the misunderstanding!



  • You are looking for a starter set and are wondering why the supply is currently limited - we are currently experiencing a shortage of primer (hopefully supplies will arrive tomorrow!). What remains at the moment are StartUp Founder Sets for the gel method - with a longer delivery time, and the acrylic alternative with the Dipping Starter Sets. Shellac starter sets are of course also recommended for beginners and are also available.
  • Our teams in the shipping center are off today and are not working any extra shifts so that we can get back to work tomorrow! Our boss is in the office as always, even on Sundays, and takes care of the shopping so that supplies are ensured...


  • Our team in the shipping center worked an extra shift again to make up for the backlog. However, we are still behind. Unfortunately, the +1 in delivery time remains.


  • We had to set all gel starter sets to "Sold Out" for the time being (no primer available - see post below). The StartUp founder sets still remain - with a longer delivery time. And the acrylic alternative with the dipping starter sets.
  • Now it's happened - we currently no longer have any primer! Supplies are on the way and should arrive early next week. We will keep you up to date...


  • If you have sent something back - be patient, we will endeavor to process returns, complaints and chargebacks as quickly as possible - don't worry!
  • We now had to set almost all acrylic starter sets to “Sold Out” because nothing was prepared anymore. We ensure quick replenishment, the goods are here!... However, there are stillacrylic nail dipping starter sets - an easy way to get started.
  • For starter sets, delivery times are longer than stated. Demand is extremely high right now and the preparations are complex. We give our best!


  • +1 delivery day to your home! We made it down from +2 to +1 today. APPLAUSE for our people in the camp! Tomorrow we attack the 0...
  • We had to temporarily remove all acrylic gel starter sets from sale because we have a shortage of acrylic gel primer - but we are expecting delivery today. Updates will follow...
  • Bonus payments for employees in the shipping center - We are currently thinking about how we can show our employees appreciation for their hard work!
  • The delivery time has currently increased to +2 days. All employees in the shipping center do their best to ensure that your order arrives as quickly as possible. Please understand given the circumstances!



  • Demand was extremely high at the weekend. Not all weekend orders could be shipped today. We are currently working in a 2-shift system (also for the safety of the employees) to catch up!
  • Almost all prepared starter sets are sold out. There is now a delay in delivery times! At the moment we are working hard on preparing new sets. To understand: Sets are prepared so that they are always available to you quickly and in large numbers.