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Wie bekomme ich feine Schriftzüge hin?

Der Design Nailart Pinsel Striper eignet sich dafür am besten.

Mein selbsterstellter Sticker ist zu hart und lässt sich nicht auf den Tip aufbringen.

Benutze am besten flexible Gele und trage sie auch hauchdünn auf.

Unsere Soak Off Gele eignen sich besonders.

Free tools and practice options for nail design – your way to breathtaking nails!

In the modern age of nail design, the right accessories can make all the difference. With countless styles, techniques and trends, it's important to stay up to date and continually improve your skills. This is exactly where our free tools and exercise options come into play!

Perfect your nail art with our practice materials

Whether you want to try out a new design or reinforce your basics, our selection of free practice sheets and sets allow you to master any style you desire. From simple to complex designs, you'll find everything here to make your nail art dreams come true.

Versatile application for all systems:

- Practice makes perfect: With our free practice sheets you can try out new techniques or refine existing skills. Simply print, protect and get started!

- All systems, one goal: No matter whether Gelel, UV varnishes, PolishGel, Shellac varnishes, stamping varnishes or soak off gels - our products are suitable for all systems and guarantee optimal results.

Quality you can rely on

In our online shop we focus on quality and user-friendliness. Each product is carefully selected and tested to ensure it meets your needs.


Your nails are your canvas, and with the right tools you can create true works of art. Get inspired by our wide range of free products and practice options and take your nail design to a new level!