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Premium UV lamps are bestsellers in our online shop - they are used to create long-lasting nail designs and modeling with UV nail polish, Shellac and UV gels. Quickly and effectively, they ensure that the products harden evenly and produce magical results!

High-quality UV light devices are absolute customer favorites with top reviews in our online shop. For commercial and private users , we offer UV lamps that are operated with classic UV tubes or modern UV LEDs . 🎁 They ensure 💡 optimal illumination of the nails , so that they are cured evenly by the light from all sides - the best helpers for flawless and durable nail modeling in studio quality! 💛

That's what our nail designer says 👩‍🎨 Stefanie on lighting devices:

“I always create long-lasting nail designs with the help of a UV lamp; it is part of my permanent studio inventory!”

7 advantages: UV light devices for perfect nail design

Curing UV nail design products such as UV nail polishes, Shellac and UV gels using ultraviolet light offers many advantages. The products have a pleasantly creamy consistency in the jar, which makes them easy to apply to the nails and use there. Due to the reactive components contained in the UV varnishes and gels, they do not harden in the air, but only under the influence of high-energy radiation. ☀️☀️☀️ During this process, the polymers are linked into long chains and on the nail the product changes from a liquid-viscous form to a solid artificial nail or durable UV nail polish. Because the nail polish and gel do not dry in the air, there is enough time for modelling , applying the color and nail art 🌺 as well as for corrections before the nails are cured with the UV lamp. Curing takes place in seconds and is immediately reliably dry - the result is an elegant nail design, long durability , high resistance and wonderful, long-lasting color brilliance ! ✨

  1. For UV nail polish & Shellac
  2. Suitable for UV gel (color & modeling)
  3. Perfect for modelling, color application and nail art
  4. Curing & drying in seconds
  5. Long durability
  6. High resistance
  7. Long-lasting color brilliance

UV lamps: classics of modern nail design

In our offer you will find classic UV lights that use several long UV tubes to ensure even illumination and thorough curing . They have been used for many years in the commercial sector as well as when doing nails at home. 💅 A modern variant is the light curing devices with UV LEDs - they are particularly popular in nail salons because they are particularly low-maintenance and have a long lamp life with many hours of use. They are also characterized by their effectiveness and speed . There are suitable UV tubes or LED tubes for both types of UV lamps so that you can replace them if necessary - this should be done regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions in order to achieve the most even curing result possible. Our high-quality UV lights are also made from quality materials that are easy to clean and have practical extras such as a timer ⏲️, automatic on and off functions ✔️ or a light barrier mode. 😊

  • UV lights with UV tubes
  • Light curing devices with UV LED
  • UV & LED UV tubes for changing
  • Low maintenance
  • Many hours of use
  • Effective & fast
  • Quality material
  • Easy to clean
  • Practical extras

3 expert tips for working with UV lights

Our nail designer Stefanie has three tips for you on how to properly work with UV lamps in the studio:

  1. Wait regularly: At the beginning of each working day and between customers, you should always check whether the lamps are working properly and at full strength. There are certain “lifetimes” after which a lamp should be replaced in order to maintain its effectiveness - they are individual, you can find them in the descriptions of the devices and UV tubes. 👩‍🔧
  2. Cleaning: In the studio, you should regularly clean and disinfect the inside and outside of the UV lamp. Sharp-edged gel residue must be removed to avoid injuries. Suitable cleaning agents include economical surface disinfectants and practical disinfectant wipes - the latter are ideal for mobile nail designers. 🚿
  3. Use the UV lamp correctly: Our nail designer recommends always starting the work on the little finger and lightly hardening the nail modeling or UV nail polish for a few seconds on each individual finger. Only at the end is the entire hand hardened. The thumb comes last because it occupies a special position on the hand and therefore also in the UV lamp. 👍