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Top coats and protective varnishes ensure perfect shine and optimal durability of your nail designs. In our online shop you will find premium products for sealing, finishing and protection for every type of modeling, from nail polish to Shellac to acrylic and gel.

Sensational shine that gives your nails that special something is easy to create with our top coats. Use high-quality protective varnishes for your nail design that optimally protect colors and nail art and give your nails a shiny finish that protects them against external influences - so you can look forward to your flawless nail design for a long time!

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about the sealing and protection:

“Top coats and protective varnishes are part of my basic equipment - they give nails phenomenal shine and protect the brilliance of the colors!”

8 reasons: This is how a premium top coat ensures the perfect finish!

Long-lasting high shine that protects your nail design is guaranteed with our sensational top coats. In our range you will find classic clear top coats in practical brush bottles that optimally protect your artificial and natural nails and optimally seal your modeling. The easy application and short drying times make these products effective helpers in the studio or when doing nails at home. To protect your artificial and natural nails from discoloration caused by the sun, solarium or sauna, you can use our Top Coat 🏖️ Sunblocker . Would you like to optimally protect your individual nail art? Then rely on our Top Coat 🎨 Nail Art , which seals your nail art and gives it an ultra-shiny finish with long-lasting durability.

  1. Long-lasting high gloss
  2. Practical brush bottles
  3. Protects the nail
  4. Seals the modeling
  5. Easy application
  6. Short drying times
  7. Protection against discoloration
  8. Shine & protection for nail art

Sealing, protection & high gloss for your nail design

An ultra-gloss that lasts a long time, protects nail art and is easy to use - our top coat ✨ UV finish can be easily applied like a nail polish as the last step of your nail modeling with gel or your nail art and can be applied under the UV or Cure LED lamp. The result: high gloss that lasts a long time and optimally protects the modeling with its colors and shapes from external influences. We also offer an ingenious helper for Shellac fans that ensures scratch and impact resistance, brilliant colors and an attractive high gloss as well as long durability. Our UV nail polish 💅 Base Top Coat is Made in Germany and is suitable both as an adhesive primer and as a shiny finish for your Shellac design. You can use our UV nail polish 💅 Twin Coat 🥼 for gel and polish alike - simply apply as an adhesive layer and finish, and sealing, durability and protection are guaranteed!

  • Top coat UV finish
  • High gloss finish
  • Protection from external influences
  • Long durability
  • UV nail polish base top coat made in Germany
  • UV nail polish Twin Coat for gel & varnish

Varnishes to protect nails and cuticles

Nail design is quick and easy if you don't feel like having to file the nail tip! We recommend our Tip Blender 💅 , with which you can soften the tip specifically and therefore edit it more easily. In our range you will also find various protective varnishes such as the nail chewer ✋ Stop : This protective varnish can be easily applied to the nails like nail polish - it has an unpleasant taste, so that chewing on the nails and cuticles is effectively prevented. To protect the cuticles when modeling or applying stamping or other nail art, you will find our cuticle protection Skin 🧱 Cover in our range. “Cuticle protection is applied before modeling, it protects the edges of the nail and ensures super precise color finishes - you can then let your imagination run wild and boldly try out colors, shapes or nail art without running the risk of contaminating your cuticles,” explains our expert.