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The premium nail care from our online shop moisturizes your nails and skin and supplies them with nourishing nutrients: Here you will find ingenious accessories and care items for delicate skin and shiny nails - in the studio, for manicures at home or on the go.

Well-groomed nails and healthy cuticles ensure beautiful hands and feet that are worth seeing. Dry skin or brittle and cracked nails, on the other hand, require moisture and care. Trust in our high-quality nail care to protect and optimally care for your hands. In addition to various liquid products, such as nail oil and antiseptic, we also offer practical helpers for active everyday life, such as our nail care 🖊️ pen , as well as ingenious nail care 🧰 sets for on the go, so that you always have everything you need at hand when traveling or at work you need to have beautiful and well-groomed nails.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about nail care:

“Skin and nails have to endure a lot in everyday life – water, heat, cold and cleaning products take a toll on them. To counteract dehydration, protective nail care is important!”

Nail care for studios & home

It's not just everyday life and its demands that take a toll on nails and cuticles. Work can also put a strain on the nails and surrounding cuticles, so additional care can support normal function. “Nail care products are primarily used as part of manicures or as a finish after nail modeling,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. High-quality products can be used for nail care at home or in the nail salon - here the protective and nourishing extras are indispensable. In our online shop we offer you practical accessories and products for your perfect 🏥 nail care , from the manicure bowl 🥣 to terry cloth warm gloves 🧤 to cotton gloves for professional hand and foot care.

  • Everyday demands on nails and skin
  • Strain manicure & nail modeling
  • Additional care supports normal function
  • Nail care for studio & home

Protection & care for nails

In our range we have put together a variety of high-quality nail care products for you. Here you will find, among other things, nourishing nail oils 🛢️ that moisturize your nail and give it a natural shine - a pleasantly scented regeneration treatment for delicate cuticles and beautiful nails. In the nail salon, our expert also uses liquid antiseptic 🧫 , which primarily protects stressed and easily injured nails and supplies them with important nutrients to deter fungi and bacteria and thus avoid infections. “For me, paraffin 🕯️ wax baths 🛀 are indispensable for manicures and pedicures , which ensure soft skin and guarantee rich care,” explains our nail design.

  • Nail oil
  • regeneration treatment
  • antiseptic
  • Paraffin wax baths

Nail care on the go

Proper nail care is just as important when traveling or at work as it is at home - that's why in our online shop we offer you ingenious nail care sets 💅🏻 in a practical case in which you can find everything, from files to nail clippers to nail scissors, whatever you need for your perfect nail care when you're on the go. You can also find polishing files ⏳ for a brilliant natural high shine on your nails in our range. We will also show you other practical helpers, such as our high-quality cuticle care 🖋️ pen , which you can easily store in your handbag and take with you anywhere. “Apply nail care precisely without leaking or dripping - the easy handling makes well-thought-out nail care super easy, even in active everyday life,” says our expert.

  • Nail care sets for travel
  • Polishing files for natural nail shine
  • Practical nail care pen