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In our online range you will find training DVDs, books and our blog on nail design, as well as practice fingers and hands. Our experts will explain to you in a straightforward manner how to create the perfect nail model, create sophisticated nail art or apply the latest trends to your nails.

Would you like to get into nail design or expand your technique ? 👓 Then rely on our high-quality training material , which was developed for you by experts . Our professionals will introduce you to nail design, give you help and explain how to use our products . You will also find information about current trends and nail art highlights for the latest nail design. You can practice practically on our high-quality practice hands and fingers, as they are ideal for learning or improving a method. 👋

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about training material:

“Anyone starting out in nail design should definitely continue their training regularly. Even as an experienced nail designer, I rely on training to expand and improve my offerings!”

Training material: Practical nail design practice

In our range we have put together various helpers for you with which you can easily practice nail modeling and nail art. 💅 Here, for example, you will find a practice hand on which you can try out new designs and trends in a realistic manner , but also check how long you need on average for one hand when designing nails - important knowledge for optimal time planning . The practice finger , on the other hand, is ideal for improving nail art skills and practicing precise execution. An exclusive highlight of our range - and one of our customer favorites in this segment - is the articulated wooden hand . It can be moved flexibly and placed in different positions - the perfect training basis for flawless nail modeling . Our expert uses the practice fingers or training hands 👐 to try out new nail art or materials and learn how to use them. The most important advantage for her is that she can practice independently without looking at the clock or having to stick to appointments. In addition, the artificial hands and nails are immobile and always remain in the desired position, even during longer work periods. 📍

  • Practice hand for nail design
  • Practice fingers for nail art
  • Nail art: exclusive practice hand made of wood
  • Easy practice
  • Practice without a model
  • Learn new things without time pressure

Learn from professionals: training DVD for nail design

Would you like to learn new nail design methods or try out a new nail art ? Our training DVD was designed and put together for you by our professionals . Here you will find all the information you need to work with our products, from preparing the nails to the 1- and 3-phase technique as well as modeling with stencils and professional nail art . 🎁 Trust our experts and benefit from their tips and tricks for gel modeling and French. “I think it's great to watch training DVDs because not only do you learn something new at your own pace, but you also have the opportunity to keep your knowledge fresh. You are independent of time and place, you can concentrate on the content in peace and, if necessary, look at content again using the backwards function," says our expert, who, despite her ten years of experience in nail design, continues to educate herself in order to improve new techniques and products to get to know.😊

Use expert knowledge: training books for nail design

To expand your knowledge about individual aspects of nail design, you can rely on nail design books 📖 or our blog 💞. In our online academy you will find all the information about nail design - from trends to hygiene to setting up a nail salon. If you are looking for great nail designs and exclusive beauties for your nails, we recommend our nail design book 💜 - great pictures, practical information and instructions for your extraordinary nail design await you. “To this day I still have training books from my apprenticeship so that I can always look up information. Investing in high-quality training books with basics for beginners or professional knowledge for special techniques is definitely worth it,” says our nail designer. Nail design blogs are also interesting for them, because here you can find very current and varied information .