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Clean and hygienic nail design - this is easily possible with high-quality premium dust extraction systems from our range! They remove fine filing dust and unpleasant scents from the air and filter them for a healthy, feel-good atmosphere in the nail salon!

The premium dust extraction systems remove fine file dust and unpleasant odors directly on the work table and on the customer's hands 😷. With targeted suction 💨 you can effectively remove powdery material residues or unpleasant fumes before they spread throughout the room and contaminate it or worsen the working atmosphere. The dust extraction units from our range are perfect for professionally retrofitting a workplace without extraction or for being a mobile nail designer 🚗 to always be well equipped with mini dust extraction units on the go. 👍

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about dust extraction:

“For me, dust extraction is an important accessory for nail design, without which I never work in the studio!”

8 reasons: dust extraction for safe nail design

When it comes to nail design, you rely on high-quality products such as acrylic, gel or nail polishes from our online shop, which we create and produce for you with great care and a lot of experience in accordance with the guidelines of the European Cosmetics Regulation. 💅 Unfortunately, smells and fumes cannot be avoided - for example when using nail polish removers or special removers for Shellac. When refilling, for which the old gel has to be sanded off, or during other filing work on the nails, fine dust is automatically created. Both the fumes and the dust spread throughout the room - the more workstations a studio has, the more dust is generated. A dust extraction system , which absorbs odors and, above all , fine dust , is used to comply with occupational safety regulations, to create a pleasant atmosphere and to work in a hygienically clean manner . Effective and easy to use - with high-quality dust extraction you ensure a professional appearance, protect your furniture from contamination and can reduce the risk of disease transmission for your customers and yourself,” says our expert. ☺️

  1. Vacuum out unpleasant odors
  2. Remove filing dust
  3. Implement occupational safety regulations
  4. Pleasant atmosphere in the studio
  5. Observe hygiene rules
  6. Professional, simple & effective
  7. Protect furniture from contamination
  8. Reduce risk of disease transmission

Buy dust extraction & accessories online

In our offer you will find various high-quality nail fans that you can position on your work table . As a mobile nail designer 🚗 you can carry the practical helpers with you or professionally equip and retrofit a stationary workstation in the studio. Our range also includes practical equipment and accessories , such as replacement filter bags and filter units for changing, as well as support grids and Nailfan armrests - simply order online and have them delivered directly to your home or studio! 🏡🏡🏡

  • Dust extraction for on the go
  • Retrofit the workplace with dust extraction
  • Accessories for dust extraction
  • Replacement filter bags & filter units
  • Support grid
  • Nailfan armrests

Dust extraction for perfect nail design – this is how it works!

“The filter bags or filter units of the dust extraction must be cleaned or changed regularly in order to function effectively,” explains our expert. She recommends that you follow the manufacturer's information on the individual products and maintain the devices regularly 🔎 - you don't have to be a professional to do this, because the operating instructions contain everything you need to know and also show how easy 👶 the filters can be changed. The outside of the professional dust extraction system should be cleaned and disinfected after every customer, says our nail designer. She also advises: “Make sure that your customers actually position their hands directly over the extraction so that the device can suck in dust and odors immediately and nothing goes wrong!” 👆

  • Change filter
  • Clean and disinfect the device regularly
  • Pay attention to hand position