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Nail art with airbrush ensures perfect results full of color - time-saving, easy and of the highest quality. Create detailed motifs or exclusive color gradients on your nails with our premium airbrush range!

Are you looking for professional equipment for your airbrush nail art? Browse our online shop and find everything you need to make your dream of the perfect nail design come true. In nail art, airbrushing is an artistic technique that allows you to conjure up ingenious designs on your nails using a special small spray gun and other accessories. This extraordinary method of nail design can be used to create particularly fine, detailed motifs, as well as seamless color gradients or even surfaces. In this way, professionals create photorealistic images on the nails and make each design an individual eye-catcher that meets the highest quality standards.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about airbrush nail art:

“Airbrush is a special technique in nail art that turns the nail into a canvas and achieves detailed results that are almost impossible to create by hand!”

9 reasons for our brilliant airbrush colors

Color-intensive and high-gloss - our range of high-quality 🌈 airbrush colors 🌈 was developed by our experts specifically for this demanding nail art technique and is characterized by high skin and nail compatibility. The quality products are solvent-free and water-soluble, so they can be easily washed off the skin. Made on an acrylic water base, these exclusive colors have no unpleasant smell. They must be shaken well before use because the extra fine pigments of the paint settle to the bottom of the bottle. The bottle's practical cap ensures easy and practical use of these premium airbrush colors.

  • Designed exclusively for airbrush nail art
  • Intensely colored
  • Highly glossy
  • Skin and nail compatible
  • Solvent-free
  • Water soluble
  • Low odor
  • Extra fine pigments
  • Practical closure

Airbrush gun for the finest nail art

Even atomization for flawless results made easy - the fine color dust is applied to the nails with a special 🔫 Airbush gun 🔫 from our nail art range. This is connected to the airbrush piston compressor via a practical spiral hose. The nail art instrument has an air capacity of 13 liters and a working pressure of 40psi. Perfect color atomization, even at low pressure, creates ingenious effects and delicate motifs. The handy spiral hose allows you to work comfortably and flexibly. “Sure, you have to practice a bit with the individual components of the system and of course develop a feel for the operation, but it’s worth it: the results are simply breathtaking and can be achieved in a very short time,” says our nail designer.

  • Special airbrush gun
  • Perfect color atomization
  • Airbrush piston compressor
  • Spiral hose: handy & flexible
  • Premium nail art in a short time
  • Airbrush Nail Art: Stencil & Techniques

“With airbrush you can apply super delicate motifs to the nails, but also create cool effects. For example, I think the ombré look created by airbrushing on the nails is really beautiful - this nail design can be easily customized in terms of color," says our expert. In our online shop we offer you versatile 🎨 Nail Art 🎨 stencils that are ideal for use in airbrushing. In addition to geometric patterns such as lines, waves and arches, you will also find Asian characters, animals, blossoms and flowers as well as dragons, skulls, stars and hearts. Create your very own nail art with the colors and shapes you like - super easy and high quality with our airbrush products. By the way: Airbrushing and the fine atomization of paint for brilliant results is not a short-lived discovery of modernity, but has its roots in simple form in cave painting of the Stone Age!