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Our premium workplace lights for nail designers offer optimal lighting for all nail design activities. Benefit from well thought-out designs that ensure comfortable and gentle work and enable maximum precision!

Precise work in nail art, flawless color application of gels, acrylics and varnishes or the right lighting for little feel-good breaks require aworkplace lamp 💡 that can do more : Adjustable with large tilt and rotation angles, with different light colors and light intensities as well as practical extras such as Integrated timers and USB ports, for example for charging smartphones. These professional table lamps are just as suitable for everyday work in the nail salon as they are as a desk lamp for the perfect lighting when doing nails at home.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about workplace lights:

“A perfect nail design work light should ensure good visibility during all nail work and is essential for flawless nail designs!”

Expert knowledge: The right work light for the nail salon

In order to meet the diverse tasks of nail design, a professional table lamp is as movable and rotatable as possible. With a high degree of flexibility, optimal illumination of nails and skin should always be possible, says our nail designer. What is important to her is that neither the nail designer nor the customer has to get into uncomfortable positions in order to capture the best light. However, neither should be blinded, because visual stress can lead to headaches and symptoms of fatigue - height adjustability and dimmability can therefore also be important decision factors for a workplace lamp💡 !

  • Movable & rotatable
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Optimal lighting
  • Anti-glare
  • Avoid visual stress
  • Height adjustable
  • Dimmable

Nail design: Practical professional table lamps

Long-lasting LED 💡 workplace lights are our expert's favorite because they retain their radiance for a long time and generate little heat - this would be unpleasant during highly concentrated work and also attract dust particles that contaminate the light. In general, our nail designer ensures that the material of the 💅 nail salon LED 💡 lamp can be easily cleaned and disinfected. For some special work in cosmetics and nail design , 🔍 magnifying lamps 💡 may also be in demand, which score points with magnifying loupes in ergonomic designs and stable feet. Thanks to modern functions such as shadowless modern LED lighting, precise nail design can be carried out easily with the right work light. In order to carry out the finest work cleanly, our expert relies on workplace lights with different white light colors, which are perfect for different tasks and support flawless results in nail design - of course, the light tones of the lights must not harden the UV gels and UV varnishes!

  • Long-lasting LEDs
  • Low heat generation
  • Special magnifying lamp
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable light colors for every task

Daylight white, neutral white & warm white – work lights for nail design

In our range we address the needs of nail designers and offer a large selection of premium lights for nail design. We rely on high-quality 💡 work lights whose light reproduces different shades of white and can therefore perfect work. Daylight white is a slightly cooler shade of white that impresses with its high blue content and the clarity it radiates. Lamps with this shade of white are preferred for highly concentrated work. In nail design, they are perfect for applying and selecting colors or creating color compositions, as daylight white provides a natural and realistic view of the colors. For detailed work on the nail, for example for nail art, neutral white lighting is perfect - it makes contrasts clearly visible and even small details can be recognized. A warm white light color in the nail salon ensures cozy moments, for example during a hand massage or a paraffin wax bath.

  • Daylight white: color work
  • Neutral white: details & nail art
  • Warm white: relaxation & regeneration