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Primer, acrylic liquids, base coat - in our range you will find everything you need to prepare your nail before modeling or applying nail polish in order to easily create ingenious nail designs with long-lasting adhesion!

High-quality products for preparing the natural nail form the basis for reliable hold and are used under classic nail polish as well as for preparing Shellac, UV nail polish, gel or acrylic. If you prepare your nails well, you can prevent lifting and peeling of your nail design and enjoy long-lasting colors, even shine and protection for your nails. In our range you will find everything you need to prepare normal and problem nails for nail design.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about liability & preparation:

“Preparation plays a crucial role in the durability and perfection of your nail design in the truest sense of the word - only on an optimally prepared nail will varnishes and modeling material adhere reliably!”

9 reasons for primers with top ratings

Are you looking for the best hold for your nail design? In our online shop we offer you high-quality premium 🥇 primer with the best reviews from our customers. The liquid primer in the practical brush bottle is one of our bestsellers and ensures secure adhesion for UV gels and nail polishes, Shellac and acrylic. It dries out extra quickly in the air and forms the basis for the adhesive primer. By using the primer, the subsequent layers can bond better to the nail - lifting and peeling are a thing of the past! Our primer 🖊️ pen is also drip-free and super easy to use and is particularly effective in its practical pen form.

  1. Premium primer
  2. Top customer reviews
  3. bestseller
  4. Liquid primer
  5. Practical brush bottle
  6. Extra fast air drying
  7. Base of the adhesive primer
  8. Prevents lifting
  9. Also as a practical primer pen

Nail design: Optimal preparation for perfect hold

In our range we offer you various high-quality products with which you can optimally prepare your nails for nail polish, UV nail polish, shellac, acrylic and gel. The popular acrylic 💧 liquids are the basis for working with acrylic and ensure that the colors hold perfectly on the nails. In our online shop you will also find ingenious ⛽ groove fillers to compensate for unevenness on the nail and fiberglass strips 🧶 , which are incorporated into UV gel modeling to stabilize cracked problem nails. We also offer you liquid dehydrator in large bottles or inpractical 🖌️ brush bottles to thoroughly clean and degrease your nail in order to give your nail design particularly long adhesion. Our expert recommends using a dehydrator, especially on problem nails where the model cannot adhere sufficiently.

  • Acrylic liquid for long-lasting color strength
  • Groove filler for an even nail surface
  • Fiberglass strips provide stability
  • Dehydrators for degreasing & cleaning

Base Coats: Base coat for care & protection

Use our Premium Base Coats to create a brilliant foundation for your nail designs. In our online shop you will find a classic base coat 🥼 that protects the natural nail, dries quickly and ensures long-lasting color for your nails. You can also use our Base Coat Calcium 🍋 Gel so that your nails are supplied and cared for with important nutrients and calcium. To strengthen and sustainably protect your nail, you can also use our Base Coat nail hardener 💎 . “High-quality base and protective varnishes have long been used successfully in the studio and now also by users at home, especially in classic manicures, because they create a flawless and durable basis for colored varnishes. “They are generally colorless and therefore super discreetly suitable for all situations,” says our expert.

  • Quick-drying base coat
  • Base Coat Calcium Gel
  • Base coat nail hardener