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Buy premium ultrasonic cleaners for nail design online and clean your instruments effectively - with our high-quality studio-quality ultrasonic baths you can clean your tools effectively and hygienically in the shortest possible time!

Our range impresses with professional ultrasonic cleaning devices that meet a wide range of requirements: Here you will find handy ultrasonic cleaners for home or your studio - they take up hardly any space and are quiet . 🙉 Are you a professional nail designer with a large studio and employees? Then rely on our high-quality commercial ultrasonic cleaners , 🛁 which offer a large space for a variety of instruments and ensure maximum working comfort with practical extras . 👍

That's what our nail designer says 👩‍🎨 Stefanie about ultrasonic cleaners:

“Sure, I use ultrasonic devices in the studio for super clean instruments right down to the last detail in the shortest possible time!”

6 reasons: Ultrasonic device for cleaning nail design

Clean instruments are essential in nail design to avoid the transmission of diseases. 😷 In studio operations, however, there is little time left for cleaning the sometimes very delicate tools. That's why I rely on ultrasonic baths with which thorough cleaning is possible in no time and the instruments are ready for use again quickly," says our nail designer. 🚿🚿🚿 For the expert, the advantages of ultrasonic cleaners are obvious, because they can be cleaned carefully in a short time ⏱️ saves you effort and therefore money in the long term 💰. With the help of careful treatment, the function of the devices is maintained for a long time and less aggressive cleaning agents have to be used - a plus point in favor of sustainability 🍃 . In our online shop you will find premium ultrasonic cleaners from well-known manufacturers , which ensure perfect results and gentle hygiene of your instruments .

  1. Thorough cleaning
  2. Suitable for delicate tools
  3. Short cleaning times
  4. Saves effort & money
  5. Gentle hygiene for instruments
  6. sustainability

Nail design: ultrasonic bath for studio and home

In our range you can find ultrasonic cleaning devices for a wide range of requirements:Digital ultrasonic cleaners are also part of our range, as are small devices for home and large professional ultrasonic cleaners that are suitable for commercial use . At home, you can use the ultrasonic cleaning device not only to clean your nail design accessories , but also to clean jewelry 💍 or glasses 👓 . Modern ultrasonic baths are particularly quiet and take up very little space, so you can set them up in many places. Our ultrasonic cleaners for commercial use have large tubs that can accommodate many instruments, so that they can be thoroughly cleaned at the same time ❇️❇️❇️. Ultrasonic cleaning devices also offer various functions so that you can easily set a timer or regulate the temperature and cleaning frequency. 🌺🌺🌺

  • Digital ultrasonic cleaners
  • Ultrasonic bath for home
  • Ultrasonic cleaning devices for nail salons
  • Timer function
  • Frequency & temperature regulation

Ultrasonic cleaning device – good to know:

Using an ultrasonic cleaner is super easy – just follow the instructions. What they all have in common is that you place the instruments in a tub that is filled with either water or a cleaning liquid,” explains our expert. The ultrasonic baths clean thoroughly and efficiently using physical processes . An ultrasonic vibrator ensures that sound waves 🌊 are created in the cleaning medium at the desired frequency. The negative and positive pressure causes bubbles to form, which release energy when they burst and thus “blow” the instruments clean 💨 - of course the entire process takes place on a very small scale, so this cleaning method is particularly gentle and very effective at the same time. 🍀

  • Thorough & efficient
  • Sound waves create bubbles
  • Energy of bursting bubbles cleanses
  • Gentle cleaning of the instruments