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Perfect individual and uncomplicated nail art at home or in the studio - with our high-quality nail art sets you get our premium products for great nail designs with attractive patterns, delicate ornaments or ingenious color plays.

Breathtaking wow effects on your nails attract attention - with our dreamy nail art sets you can let your ideas run wild. Discover brilliant trends and develop your own nail design that suits your style and expresses your personality in a unique way. Easily create fascinating patterns on your nails with our exquisite nail art sets and transform the nails of your hands or feet into a unique work of art. Stamp, scraper, stencil and holder, stamping polish and nail art stones: The versatile nail art sets offer you everything you need for the creative color and motif design of your nails - regardless of whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner willing to learn. “Consistent results that can be reproduced on every finger, or special beauties for a unique decorative nail – you decide how you apply the nail art from the sets and thus ensure individuality in your nail design,” says our expert Stefanie.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about the nail art sets:

“Among the nail art sets, I particularly liked stamping because it allows you to easily apply beautiful and delicate patterns to your nails!”

Stamping made easy with nail art sets

“A stamp plate and beautiful motifs – for me these are the basics of nail art and simply belong in the repertoire,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. Breathtaking designs and delicate patterns on the nails are absolute eye-catchers! With our 🥇 high-quality stamping set you can conjure up fabulous nail art - you don't need artistic talent for perfect results. Stamping is suitable for professionals and nail design beginners alike, because with this modern method of nail design and a little practice, you can easily create fascinating accents on your nails. You choose the color for the exciting patterns yourself and can always create new and individual looks. 🧧 Using our nail art sets with stamping is quick and easy: simply select a stencil, apply stamping polish, use the stamp to transfer the motif from the stencil to the nail - done!

  • Nail art sets for stamping
  • Stamp delicate patterns
  • Modern nail design method
  • Individual looks
  • Uncomplicated application

Nail Art Set: Mirror Chrome

In addition to exciting patterns and delicate ornaments, attractive color plays can also be part of nail art. “The extraordinary 💎 Mirror Chrome Nails are absolute highlights at parties and are perfect as a change from everyday life,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. With our nail art sets 💎 Mirror Chrome we bring an absolute trend to your home - this trendy nail design ensures phenomenal nails with a perfect mirror shine. An ingenious highlight on your nails with our professional performance products developed by experts - such as Flip 🌈 Flop Pigments - in studio quality, expertly manufactured in Germany according to the rules of the cosmetics regulations.

  • Nail art with color power
  • Nails with a mirror shine
  • Professional performance products
  • Studio quality
  • According to the rules of the cosmetics regulations
  • Made in Germany

Nail art to get to know

“Beginners and professionals alike can benefit from high-quality nail art sets - they are ideal for expanding your own portfolio and are a customizable alternative to stickers,” says our nail designer Stefanie. Do you want to try nail art for the first time? Then order one of our 🎨 KONAD Stamping Starter Sets with high-quality and coordinated products that will be delivered directly to your home! Here you will find, among other things, first-class stamping nail polish that can be applied perfectly, dries quickly and is ultra-covering - completely without toluene and formaldehyde. With our nail art sets to get to know you, you can get the perfect start to decorating your nails. Just unpack and get started!