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Do you want to make your nails eye-catchers and create individual works of art? With our creative tools and premium products for nail art painting, anything can be possible - here, beginners and professionals will find the right accessories for unique nail designs

Let your imagination run wild, express your creativity and create individual nail designs - that's what nail art painting is known for. From small, delicate motifs to unique works of art full of color and lots of details, everything is possible in this area of ​​nail art. High-quality creative tools and many other strong products from our range are the perfect equipment to create any nail design according to your wishes and make it a real eye-catcher. Our online range for nail art painting includes variants that are just as suitable for beginners as challenging techniques for professionals.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about painting:

“When it comes to nail art painting, there are no limits to your imagination – here you can do whatever you like and create the most individual nail designs!”

8 expert tips: Nail art painting for beginners

“As a motif for nail art painting, I recommend that beginners use familiar and simple shapes: to start with, stars and hearts are suitable, but also interesting lines, sometimes shorter and sometimes longer or in a fan shape, as well as imaginative and romantic flourishes,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. Creatively designing your nails with nail art painting requires some artistic skill and practice. To get started with this sophisticated form of nail design, our expert recommends using 🖌️ Nail Art Pens , which are used like conventional pens. They fit well in the hand and ensure that breathtaking designs can be easily applied to the nails by hand. If you already have some experience, you can create extraordinary nail designs with our 🎨 Color Ink nail art ink - it conjures up fascinating marble effects in wonderful colors on your nails. Tips that you can freely design and where you can see the results of your work from all sides are suitable for practicing. Our expert advises: “Take your time and prepare your nail well for painting. Make sure you work as carefully as possible to get the best possible results.”

  1. 1. Choose familiar & simple shapes
  2. 2. Let your imagination run wild
  3. 3. Nail art pens for easy painting
  4. 4. Color Ink nail art ink for marble effects
  5. 5. Practice on sample nails
  6. 6. Take your time
  7. 7. Prepare nail well
  8. 8. Work carefully

Nail design: one stroke technique for professionals

“The One Stroke technique is considered the most demanding discipline within nail art painting. With this freehand painting you can conjure up unique works of art on your nails - it couldn't be more individual and elegant!" says our expert. Professionals with a lot of practice and a good instinct can create great nail art like super detailed flowers that delight with their attractive play of colors. One of the difficulties with challenging One Stroke Nail Art is that two colors are placed on one side of the brush tip and applied together to the nail to create unique and delicate effects. Working with the colors, guiding the brush and implementing the flawless design - this painting method is tough and requires a lot of practice, but it makes for phenomenal nail art.

  • Most sophisticated nail art painting
  • Individual & noble
  • Ingenious color play & details
  • Unique effects

Color strength & good workmanship: One Stroke colors

For the demanding One Stroke technique, we offer perfectly designed Premium One Stroke 🖌️ paint in our range, which makes working much easier. The acrylic paint impresses with its strong pigmentation, brilliant colors and high opacity. This premium product has the perfect consistency for processing, dries quickly, can be diluted and the colors can be mixed harmoniously for optimal results. With other quality products from our online shop, such as Spider 🕷️ Painting 🎨 Gel and 3D Design 🎨 Gel (, you can You can also create attractive, delicate one-stroke works of art and other ingenious motifs.

  • One Stroke acrylic paints
  • Strong pigmentation & brilliant colors
  • High coverage
  • Good processing properties
  • Dry quickly
  • Can be diluted
  • Can be mixed with each other