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Do you want individual nail art made easy? No problem with our nail art stickers & tattoos, with which you can easily add unique motifs to your nails. Get inspired by the huge selection of our designs!

Detailed trend motifs and delicate classics make the nail art tattoos and stickers from our range real eye-catchers on your nail. The ingenious beauties ensure creative nail design and are the perfect elements of individual nail art that you can apply to your nails quickly and easily. Our nail art stickers & tattoos are developed by experts and are Made in Germany.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about the stickers & tattoos:

“I really enjoy using nail art tattoos and stickers in my work, because with them you get a finished, individual nail art delivered to your home that you can put on your nail in just a few steps!”

Huge selection for nail art tattoos & stickers

There are hardly any limits to the selection of our nail art tattoos & stickers; here you will find designs in black and white as well as in color. Filigree lace, meaningful figures and romantic beauties, modern geometric and graphic patterns, Native American and Indian ornaments, wild skulls and motifs in rockabilly or vintage style are highly sought-after elements of our range.

  • Nail art tattoo in black and white & color
  • Filigree & romantic designs
  • Geometric & graphic patterns
  • Native American & Indian ornaments
  • Skulls, Rockabilly & Vintage

Nail art for seasons & events

Ingenious 🌷🌻🍂❄️ seasonal accessories and designs for special events complement the offer: Christmas classics such as snowman, snowflake, ice flower or candy cane are popular. On New Year's Eve, lucky charms are put on your nails - from chimney sweeps to lucky clovers to horseshoes, everything is included here. In our offer you will also find brilliant Oktoberfest nail art and autumnal tattoos & stickers such as magically colored autumn leaves or Halloween elements. In spring or at Easter, bunnies, Easter eggs or other cute motifs are in demand for nail art. In summer they are replaced by trendy flamingos, palm trees, pineapples or hibiscus flowers - perfect for the holiday season! The floral classics with blossoms of roses, cherries and other beauties of nature are suitable for every occasion and every season.

  • Christmas designs for nails
  • Nail design for New Year's Eve
  • Nail art for Oktoberfest
  • Nail motifs for autumn & spring
  • Halloween motifs
  • Nail art for the holidays
  • Nail tattoos & stickers with flowers

Nail art tattoo for beautiful elements and full covers

The nail art tattoos, like the classic temporary tattoos for the skin, are removed from their backing paper using a short warm water bath, placed on the nail and pressed in the correct position. A special feature of the nail art tattoos in our range are the 🍬 nail art wraps - they offer larger motifs that can extend over the entire nail as a full cover design. This means you can create perfect nail art on an entire nail super quickly and with a little practice!

Nail design classics: nail art stickers

“Stickers are a perennial favorite in the studio for individual nail art and should be part of every nail designer’s repertoire,” says our expert. The 👍 Nail Art Stickers are stickers that can be easily stuck onto the nail. They are particularly easy and quick to process. The stickers also have everything you need for an individual nail design - cool motifs, attractive colors and ingenious designs.

Applying nail art tattoos & stickers: 3 tips from our nail designer

For perfect, long-lasting results for a nail design with tattoos and stickers, our expert has three important tips for you:

  1. Preparing the nailPerform a classic manicure and gently remove grooves and other blemishes on the nail - tattoos and stickers can otherwise not find hold in these areas or can cause dents that look unsightly and can result in reduced durability.
  2. Choose the right size Make sure you choose the right size for the nail and cut the tattoo to size - if the tattoo is too big, it can extend too far over the nail and peel off on the sides.
  3. Give nail art stickers hold. Applying a nail art sticker creates a slight curve. Apply two coats of sealer if necessary. If the sticker doesn't stick to the nail properly, try using a drop of tip glue.