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Professional hygiene 😷 Articles for nail design protect you and your customers. Latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves, as well as face masks and safety glasses ensure maximum work safety and enable you to carry out every nail design hygienically.

In our range we offer you various hygiene items and protective clothing that optimally protect you and your customers from viruses, bacteria and germs 🧫 during nail design in many situations. Our online shop delivers practical disposable gloves made of various materials directly to your home or studio - they are part of every nail designer's basic equipment. We also offer high-quality premium face masks in accordance with EU guidelines and eye-protecting safety glasses for safe and hygienic work on your hands and feet.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about hygiene articles:

“With the hygiene articles you protect yourself and your customers from transmission and inflammation - nails and skin, for example, are perfectly protected from sharp-edged files and chemicals by wearing gloves!”

5 reasons: Hygiene articles for nail design 💅

Various hygiene items and protective clothing play an important role when working in the cosmetic studio or in the area of ​​nail design. On the one hand, they protect the nail designer from getting diseases such as nail fungus 🍄 or from risking injuries or illnesses due to fine dust and flying material residues. On the other hand, disposable gloves, for example, also protect customers from the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, the nail design gloves are suitable for working with disinfectants because they protect the skin from cleaning agents. The hygiene items from our range are characterized by a comfortable fit and high-quality materials. Click here for our hygiene plan for your studio 🏪

  1. Protection against diseases
  2. Protection against fine dust
  3. Protection against material residues
  4. Protect customers
  5. Protect skin during disinfection work

Nail design: gloves for hygienic work

In our range you will find, among other things, the classic for hygienic work: the thin and excellently fitting latex 🧤 and nitrile gloves 🧤 , which are perfect for cleaning work and ensure the best grip and tactile sensitivity with their micro-roughened palm. We also offer vinyl gloves 🧤 for nail designers in various sizes. “Nitrile and vinyl are the perfect alternatives to latex gloves and are ideal for latex allergy sufferers,” explains our expert. Our online shop also offers practical 🧤 disposable gloves , which can be used in combination with a paraffin bath, for example, as well as fine 🧶 cotton gloves . “They are used for manicures, but are also ideal for at home to allow the care to take effect better - simply apply creams or masks, put a cotton glove over it and sleep with it for a night, so the nourishing substances get to where they can work for a long time and are not worn off!” says our nail designer. An important advantage of disposable gloves: With them you can avoid nails that have already been degreased from being contaminated again by your own hands. Grease-free nails are the best basis for long-lasting nail design and can have a positive effect on the durability and resilience of the artificial nails!

  • Latex gloves
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Disposable gloves
  • Fine cotton gloves

Safety: face mask & safety glasses for nail design

In the daily work of the beautician in nail design , cheaper and more effective 😷 face masks against viruses and bacteria and protective glasses are suitable for your health. The safety glasses 🤓 prevent material residues from being thrown into the eyes when milling off a model, during a pedicure or manicure, explains our nail designer. The face mask, on the other hand, can keep viruses and, depending on the product, up to 98% of bacteria out of the air and act as a filter medium to protect against the resulting filing dust. Our premium face mask 😷 for nail design complies with the CE-CAT1 (EN 410) standard for protective clothing and therefore meets European standards and legal regulations. “I definitely always use a face mask when doing a pedicure, but I also use a face mask when doing a manicure or when a customer is sitting in front of me with a cold to protect myself and the customers following,” says our expert.

  • safety goggles
  • Eye protection
  • Mouthguard
  • Protection against nail dust
  • Protection against bacteria