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You can find premium cleaners with the best reviews and effective nail polish removers with extra care in our online shop, as well as practical tip removers, nail polish thinners and liquid cuticle removers - everything you need for your perfect nail design!

“Premium cleaners and removers are part of every nail designer’s basic equipment because they ensure a clean finish,” says our expert. Gentle removal of nail polish or acrylic, hygienic work and good preparation of the nail through degreasing are easy and uncomplicated with our cleaners and removers. Use premium products to carry out your nail design efficiently, quickly and gently.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about the cleaners & removers:

"Cleaners are indispensable for me in the studio - I use them to degrease the natural nail or remove the sweat layer from the modeling and even use them during modeling to clean my gel brushes or to correct nail art!"

11 reasons for premium cleaners with top ratings

Our Premium Cleaner 🧽 is studio quality - it is developed and manufactured by our experts in Germany. It is very popular in our online shop and, with its top reviews, is a favorite product of our customers. The cleaner is used to degrease the natural nail and lightly disinfect it and the surrounding skin before modeling or nail polish is used. The premium product is also suitable for carefully removing the sweat layer after the gel has hardened during nail modeling, for removing filing dust or for correcting nail art. Tools and brushes can also be cleaned with the cleaner. To get the ultimate shine at the end of your nail design, you can use our Premium 🌟 High-Gloss Cleaner 🧽 , which uses nourishing nail oils as a finish to create a special shiny effect. Using the cleaner in nail design is child's play: put it on a cellette, work it on the nail, then simply let it air dry until the liquid has disappeared!

  1. Cleaner made in Germany
  2. Studio quality
  3. Cleaner with top reviews
  4. Degrease natural nail
  5. Easy disinfection
  6. Carefully remove sweat layer
  7. Wipe off any filing dust
  8. Correct nail art
  9. Clean tools & brushes
  10. High gloss for gel nails
  11. Simple application

Remover for acrylic, dipping and UV nail polishes

The removers are suitable for the thorough and gentle removal of nail designs with classic acrylic, modern acrylic dipping systems or the popular UV nail polishes and Shellac. They carefully and extremely efficiently remove the material from the nail. In our offer you will find liquid remover 🔨 in a generous dispenser bottle, which you put on cellettes, wrap around the nail and leave to work under a foil. You can also use our practical Remover Wraps 🌯 , which are soaked with the cleaner and can easily be wrapped around the nail to take effect.

  • Remover for acrylic & dipping
  • Removal of UV nail polish & Shellac
  • Remover in dispenser bottle
  • Remover wraps

Premium nail polish remover & stamping cleaner

In our range we offer you high-quality nail polish remover 💅 , which has a pleasant scent and is acteon-free to protect nails and cuticles and not dry them out unnecessarily. The efficient cleaners clean your nails quickly and are ideal for thoroughly removing classic nail polish. Our 2-phase 💅💅 nail polish remover also contains nourishing oils - they moisturize the nails and protect them from drying out. For particularly precise removal of polish residues and easy application, we offer you a premium nail polish correction pen. You can also find Stamping Cleaner /products/stamping-cleaner in our online shop, with which you can carefully remove the special stamping polish from stencils and stamps and thus ensure the best results for your nail art with stamping!

1. Nail polish remover actone-free

  • Remover with fragrance & care oils
  • Efficient & thorough

2. Nail polish correction pen

  • Practical & precise
  • Easy application

3. Stamping Cleaner

  • Carefully remove stamping varnish
  • Clean stencil & stamp