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Awesome sparkle on your nails is easy to achieve with our large selection of glittering rhinestones, high-quality premium crystals and trendy sequins. Order your personal favorites for nail art from our range of rhinestones and crystals with an eye-catcher guarantee!

Elegant nail art in a diamond look with breathtaking plays of light and color ensures a sensational nail design. The small rhinestones and larger premium crystals create phenomenal shine and a fascinating color distribution for your nails. The sparkling beauties give every nail design a glittering eye-catcher, can be worn individually or in groups and complement colors and shapes. They invite you to let your imagination run wild and add beautiful glitter to individual nail art.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about rhinestones & crystals:

“Sparkling rhinestones and sparkling crystals are often chosen in the studio for a decorative nail as a complement to a classic nail design - a great option for brides to showcase the ring finger.”

5 reasons for nail art with crystals, rhinestones & sequins

“The crystal elements for nail art are primarily used on special occasions – including weddings, graduation balls, New Year’s Eve or Christmas,” says our expert. The glittering beauties from our range are ideal for setting phenomenal accents on the nail or completing nail art. Crystals, rhinestones and sequins are ideal for emphasizing and highlighting a motif in nail art. They also give classic manicures such as full cover in one color or French a special highlight. For optimal durability, our nail designer recommends protecting the sensational designs with a double layer of gloss gel and, if necessary, using a small dot of tip glue to ensure hold.

  1. Nail art for special occasions
  2. Set accents
  3. Complete nail art
  4. Emphasize & highlight nail design
  5. Highlight for classic French & full covers

Nail design with rhinestones and sequins

Rhinestones can have different colors and shapes - that's why 💎 nail art rotating displays ⚙️ are in demand , which offer a wide selection of colors and always the right sparkle for individual nail art. In addition to blue💙, red❤️, purple💜 and pink🌺 rhinestones 💎, metallic colors such as gold 👑, silver 🥈, rose gold 🥇 and multicolor ✨ (Aurore Boreale) are very popular because they always fit. Iridescent colors are also super beautiful, as they always create new effects on the nails and reproduce the colors wonderfully. Different shapes such as triangles, hearts, squares as well as teardrop-shaped or round rhinestones are popular. Nail art sequins are also very popular and highly valued in nail design because of their glitter 💫 . In wonderful colors and great shapes like stars 🌟 or hexagons, they create a brilliant effect on the nails and give unique looks that certain something.

  • Nail art rhinestones triangular, round, square & heart or teardrop shaped
  • Rhinestones in classic colors & metallic colors
  • Rhinestones in the rotating display
  • Nail art sequins
  • Glitter stars

Premium crystals for nail art

Brilliantly cut crystals 💍 from Swarovski 💎 stand for quality and ensure extraordinary eye-catchers full of elegance. The legendary crystal gemstones are available in attractive shapes such as stars, hearts, bows, butterflies, drops, skulls, ice flowers or classic round shapes with facet cuts. The premium crystals from the protected Austrian brand refract the incident light attractively and are attractive beauties for fascinating nail designs.

  • Quality crystals from Swarovski
  • Brilliant facet cut
  • Nail art crystals in many shapes
  • Premium crystals for nail design