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Disinfection in nail design: Find premium disinfectants for instruments, hands and work surfaces in our range. Disinfection is suitable for many materials, is skin-friendly, can be used in all beauty areas and protects against infections and disease transmission.

Viruses, bacteria or fungal spores 🧫 - there are many attackers that can affect the immune system and lead to painful infections or other illnesses. To avoid their transmission and suppress their growth, reliable disinfectants are used. They are available in our online shop as a spray disinfectant for surfaces, as a liquid disinfectant for all nail design instruments and tools as well as for hygienic hand disinfection and as disinfectant wipes for the precise disinfection of work equipment. Click here for our hygiene plan for your studio 🏪

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about disinfection:

“Disinfection is particularly important in nail design, because protection against infection and the inhibition of germ growth protect the health of customers and nail designers, but also the users at home!”

Careful hand disinfection when designing nails

The hands of a beautician or nail designer should be thoroughly cleaned before and after each treatment to prevent the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi. In addition to effective and hygienic hand disinfection, skin-friendliness and skin compatibility are important advantages of the disinfection products from our online shop. Extra tip from our expert: “I always disinfect my hands when I leave my workplace. This could be, for example, because I want to issue a voucher or pay someone - before I go back to work, I disinfect my hands again!”

  • Hand disinfection before and after each treatment
  • Prevent transmission of germs and fungi
  • Skin friendliness & skin compatibility
  • Effective disinfection

Nail design: Clean & protect instruments

“After each use, the instruments should be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly and according to instructions, because with your tools, such as milling cutters or drills, you can easily cause unnoticed injuries that can spread pathogenic germs, bacteria and fungal spores,” explains our expert. Disinfection trays 🛀 and appropriate instrument disinfection ⚒️ in liquid form are important helpers for disinfecting nail design tools. Modern combinations of active ingredients ensure effective cleaning with a short exposure time and high yield. They also have corrosion stabilizers to protect your instruments. The highly effective instrument disinfection from our online shop is suitable for many materials and areas of application, from podiatry and manicure to cosmetics and shaving to tattooing and piercing.

  • Clean instruments after each use
  • Protection against infection & inhibiting germ growth
  • Disinfection tubs
  • Liquid instrument disinfection
  • Effective cleaning
  • Short exposure time
  • High yield
  • Corrosion stabilizers (instrument protection)
  • Disinfection for many materials and areas of application

3 tips: Clean the workplace in nail design

The workplace should always be clean and disinfected after each treatment. The workplace includes a table and chair for treatment as well as lamps and storage boxes.

1. Spray disinfection

A large-area spray disinfection 🔫 is suitable for all larger parts of your inventory. For example, you can use them on chairs or loungers as well as for the foot bath. It is suitable for various materials, dries quickly and stain-free - you can also buy the liquid quick disinfectant in inexpensive refill containers.

2. Surface disinfection

After each treatment, you should clean the surface of your workstation very carefully with a spray and wipe disinfectant - handy bottles with a fine, easily dosed spray mist are particularly suitable here. There are ready-to-use disinfectant solutions 🏥 in practical spray bottles that you can either spray directly onto your work surface or put on a cloth and then wipe the surface - for optimal results, be sure to follow the package instructions and exposure time!

3. Disinfectant wipes

Hygiene wipes 🤧 that are soaked in an effective disinfectant solution are ideal for cleaning smaller or awkward corners, places and devices in your workplace. Our expert uses them, for example, for the hygienic cleaning of the UV or LED lamp, as well as for cleaning the work lamp, the armrests and handrests as well as open shelves or closed drawers in which nail design accessories are stored.