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Häufige Fragen

Wie lange halten die Gel Strips auf den Nägeln?

Die Gel Strips halten bis zu 3 Wochen lang.

Wie viele Anwendungen sind in einer Packung enthalten?

Aus einer Packung erhältst du in der Regel 1-2 Anwendungen, abhängig von der Größe deiner Naturnägel.

Verursacht die Verwendung den Naturnägeln Schaden?

Die Verwendung von Quick Nails schadet den Naturnägeln nicht, da sie sanft abgelöst werden können und der Naturnagel dabei unversehrt bleibt.

Benötigt man Vorkenntnisse, um es zu verwenden?

Du benötigst keinerlei Vorkenntnisse, um Quick Nails zu verwenden.

Kann man den Naturnagel mit den Gel Strips verlängern?

Quick Nails dient lediglich zur Verstärkung der Naturnägel und ist nicht geeignet, um sie zu verlängern.

Wie lange halten die Strips, wenn die Packung geöffnet wurde?

Die Strips halten, wenn die Packung geöffnet wurde, für etwa 12 Monate, wenn sie kühl gelagert und in der schwarzen Schutzfolie aufbewahrt werden.

Hände und Füsse

Quick Mix dein Set

  • In unter einer Minute erklärt.
  • Einfach Aufzutragen
  • Hält bis zu 2 Wochen
  • Einfach Abzulösen
  • Schont deine Nägel und Haut
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Experience the manicure revolution with Quick Nails

Our pre-cured gel nail strips transform your nails into a stunning work of art in seconds - no drying time or brush required. Just flawless beauty.

Quick and easy application

Quick Nails stands for quick and easy application that at the same time protects your nails and skin and takes the environment into account. In just one minute you'll be ready for the big entrance: simply apply, let it cure and enjoy flawless-looking nails for up to two weeks.

Quick nails for every occasion

Whether for holidays, weddings, special occasions or everyday life - Quick Nails is the ideal solution. Save yourself the trip to the nail salon and instead enjoy a professional manicure or pedicure in the comfort of your own home.

Your Quick Nails Set

Each Quick Nails Box contains:

  • Customizable gel nail strips in different widths
  • A nail file
  • A wooden stick for easy application and removal

You can also purchase a UV/LED lamp from us for curing your nails.

Easy application and removal

Using the Quick Nails Gel Strips is as easy as attaching a sticker. After the strip has been glued and filed, it is cured with a UV nail lamp. This will give you perfect nails in no time with impressive color brilliance that lasts up to three weeks.

Semi-hardened products for easy handling

Our semi-cured Quick Nails products were pre-cured using UV light during production. This makes installation easier and removal a breeze.

Economical and effective

Depending on the nail size, one Quick Nails Box is enough for 1-2 manicure or pedicure sessions. With Quick Nails you get outstanding results at a fraction of the price of comparable manicures or pedicures.

Discover the magic of Quick Nails

Experience radiant, fresh-looking nails in no time. Our products are your secret weapon for the perfect nail design - whether as a nail polish alternative or as a complement to your pedicure.

Everything in one box

The Quick Nails boxes are also designed to guarantee a long-lasting effect, quick removal and skin-friendly application. They include detailed step-by-step instructions to help you on your way to flawless nails.

Experience Quick Nails

With Quick Nails, manicures or pedicures become child's play. Enjoy the feeling of freshly manicured, radiantly beautiful nails - faster and easier than ever before.