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Nail design storage for professionals: Storing brushes, files and bits professionally is super easy with the accessories from our online shop! Here you will find boxes, quivers, displays and much more that will make your nail design easier and organize instruments optimally.

Storing your nail design equipment correctly plays an important role in achieving the best results in the studio and at home: the right products are always at hand when you need them - no more annoying searching! With the right helpers, you always have an overview of your products and your instruments. You can optimally present trend colors, nail art elements and much more with the right displays and boxes and put them in the best light. The longevity of your accessories is supported by professional and hygienic storage, so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about storage:

“For hygiene, to preserve instruments in the long term and so that I always have everything ready - the correct storage makes my work much easier!”

Nail Design Brushes: Storage & Brush Holder

Proper storage of brushes ensures that they retain their shape and are always within easy reach. Suitable brush holders include brush holders in which you can simply place the brush or similar nail design instruments horizontally so that they do not touch the table but are always within reach - this is also perfect during modeling when you switch back and forth between different utensils and always want to have it at hand. Another option for brush storage is practical 🖌️ brush boxes 📦 , in which you can simply place the cleaned tools with the tip facing up - easy to use and always well sorted! Our expert uses these special quivers on the table while she works, so she always has everything quickly to hand. After work, she puts the cleaned 🖌️ brushes in a brush holder 👫 in the drawer to store the work materials neatly and protect them from light or pressure points in the elastic tip.

  • Brush holder
  • Brush boxes
  • Brush quiver
  • sets

Store nail design accessories properly

“It is very important to me at work to store things clearly without nail dust contaminating the elements. “Having everything to hand at all times and using the displays to show my products and nail art elements clearly and being able to select them very easily – I definitely use practical storage accessories for this in the nail salon,” says our expert. Jars, boxes, quivers, holders and displays are suitable for perfect organization in nail design. Rotating displays 🎡 , jars and containers are great for safely storing small nail art elements, such as rhinestones or crystals, or for filling gel. Lacquer displays are practical helpers for presenting the latest trend colors in an attractive and stable manner and for positioning them, for example, on the table or in another clearly visible place in the studio. Among the holders in our range you will find smart magnetic holders for carbide bits, practical grinding wheel holders or stylish acrylic bit stands for the bits of nail cutters - the different attachments can find a place there and are always clearly sorted. You can find boxes and quivers in different versions in our online shop, including for the hygienic storage of nail files in a box , as dispensers for the practical use of cellettes 🧻 or as easy-to-clean boxes for other nail design accessories.

  • Jars & tins for nail art and gel
  • Boxes & quivers for brushes, files and cellettes
  • Displays for presentation
  • Bit holder & bit stand

Beauty suitcase: Well organized & mobile

In our range we offer you beauty cases 🧳 and trolleys with wheels 🧳
, which offer you a great opportunity to sort all your equipment well and transport it safely. They are perfect if you travel a lot as a nail designer, are active at trade fairs or visit your customers as a mobile beauty fairy. With the well-structured cases and trolleys, everything has its place and is always within reach, and your products are protected from sunlight and UV light so that they can retain their optimal properties for a long time.

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