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Studio discount Do you have a nail salon and want to buy high-quality products from Germany cheaply? Then benefit from our studio discount for professional nail designers! 💙💜💚

Get a studio discount and receive quality products: Benefit from our ⭐VIP price discount⭐ on list prices for high-quality nail design accessories. 🎁 With our premium products you can create perfect nail designs on your customers' nails 💅 and you can easily secure a discount: Register with us for free and save money with the price reduction for professionals. Special discounts, discount campaigns, summer or winter sales or purchasing in large quantities - there are always opportunities to save and as a professional you can always shop cheaply online with us. 💓💓💓 Our discount for nail salons and mobile nail designers is deducted directly when you shop in the online shopping cart - with every purchase in our online shop!🍀

This is what our nail designer Stefanie 👩‍🎨 says about the studio discount:

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about the studio discount: “It's worth staying tuned, because the amount of the studio discount can always increase for a short time as part of certain promotions. It’s important to keep your eyes open to save a lot of money!”

Nail design: Your 8 advantages with the studio discount

A fantastic 10%, 20% or 30% discount on every order ✨✨✨ - with our attractive studio discount you, as a professional nail designer, receive 💅 top products in terms of nail design and nail art at a reasonable price. This is particularly interesting because in the nail studio usually in larger quantities High-quality products are needed that offer brilliant colors and long durability, ensuring long-lasting nail designs and satisfied customers. 💞 Furthermore, this makes it possible for you to always try out new trend colors and techniques at affordable prices and offer them to your customers.💎 And of course our discount applies to all products in the shop, unless otherwise stated. In addition, the discount is deducted immediately when you make your purchase - no waiting around and collecting points or anything similar. “When working in the nail salon, discounts and other goodies are an absolute plus and for me they are definitely part of good customer service from the online shop to the professionals,” says our nail designer Stefanie.💖💖💖

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Order cheap nail designs online: How do I secure the studio discount?

Do you regularly buy nail design products online for your work? Do you want quality products from Germany for your studio? Are you a professional nail designer and would like to benefit from our VIP studio discount? Then simply create your personal user account with us.😙😙😙 Here you will find a form that you can fill out online. Finally, upload your business license as a photo or scan and we will activate you for your extra discount on nail design products. 🎇🎇🎇 “For professional nail designers like me, the studio discounts are really worth their weight in gold because I constantly need new goods. If I can save money, all the better - then I can buy more products at once, try something new or put the money aside for larger purchases," says our nail designer Stefanie. 👍

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