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200 premium UV color gels with high pigmentation in studio quality - developed, produced and bottled by experts in Germany according to cosmetic regulations

Our premium color gel in our online shop offers color classics and current trends to underline the personality of the wearer with their enchanting look on well-groomed nails. The colorful beauties ensure variety in nail modeling: they can be ordered online in 💚Neon💛 , 🟫 Nude , in 🍭 Pastel and Mother of Pearl or in 🍎 Red , as well as many of the season's current trend colors. Our color gel impresses with its color brilliance and offers excellent coverage, which ensures optimal results after just one application. The exclusive color gels with high pigmentation are developed, produced and bottled by our experts in Germany - entirely in accordance with the rules of the cosmetics regulations.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about color gel:

“I am an absolute fan of color gel and usually wear a full-cover manicure with color gel. The nails always look extremely well-groomed and small blemishes such as discoloration simply disappear! Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want a trendy color or a classic - it depends on their personal style and everyday life. I find dark nude tones from 💜 mauve to 🤎 taupe and a 🦩 feminine pink like fuchsia the most beautiful for my own nails.”

Perfect color gel for nail design

"The special thing about a light-curing color gel is the ability to cover the nail completely and with high coverage with the desired color in order to underline the individual style of the wearer," says our nail designer Stefanie. Make a statement, be part of a trend or have matching nails for Outfit - durable artificial nails with color are ideal for a charming appearance. In the nail salon, UV color gels are mainly used for full nail polishing, the so-called full cover manicure, and are a popular alternative to the classic French manicure, explains our expert. "For For me as a nail designer, the processing properties and viscosity are also important, because if stored correctly, a gel should be easy to apply with a brush and should be neither too liquid nor too solid. For the nail salon's customers, the durability of color gel and its scratch resistance are also important “It’s very important in everyday life,” explains our nail designer.

  • Highly opaque UV color gel
  • Good processing properties
  • Perfect viscosity
  • Color gels for full cover manicure (full polish)
  • Alternative to French manicure
  • Color gel: durable & scratch-resistant in everyday life

7 reasons: color gels for nail art

Nail art refers to the creative design and colorful decoration of fingernails and toenails with colored gel. In our range we offer brilliant color gels with strong pigmentation for optimal coverage, which are ideal for creating unique nail art. The large selection of colors ensures a variety of designs that are suitable for detailed line painting and complex motifs as well as individual color gradients using the wet-on-wet technique. Since the UV color gels are light-curing and do not dry in the air, they give the nail designer enough time to create the nail art before they harden under the UV or LED lamp and thus become durable, says our expert.

  1. Large selection of color gel
  2. High color brilliance
  3. Strong pigmentation
  4. Optimal coverage
  5. Perfect color gels for motifs & line painting
  6. Suitable for wet-on-wet technique with color gels
  7. Nail art without time pressure

Premium color gel for all occasions

In our online shop we offer suitable UV color gels for every season, for all events, from weddings to New Year's Eve parties, and of course the current trend colors in nail design. Browse our 🏫 Academy and find out how you can implement popular classics or realize popular trends. For beginners when it comes to nail modeling with colored UV gels, our nail designer Stefanie recommends three different color gels to start with: “ First choose a 🔴 shade of red that suits you and that you feel comfortable with - this color classic suits many occasions, looks feminine and elegant . As a second tone, choose a subtle nuance, for example a delicate 🌺 rosé or nude🟫 . This will help you cut a good figure in everyday life. Last but not least, I recommend a trend color of your choice for special occasions. With these three colors you lay a good foundation and are prepared for all requirements - have fun trying them out!”