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Our premium nail foils ensure perfect nail art and fascinating effects on your nail design quickly and easily - self-adhesive pinstripes or ingenious transfer foils from our range for the individual design of your nails!

The stars in Hollywood show the way - a different nail design every day with high-quality nail foils! With the premium nail art foils from our online shop you can quickly and easily create magical results on your nails that take nail art to a new level. In our range we offer practical self-adhesive nail foils for ingenious nail designs and transfer foils for fascinating effects on your nails.

This is what our nail designer 👧 Stefanie says about nail foil:

“I love nail foils because they are super flexible and easy to create nail art or spice up classic manicures like French.”

Nail Art: 5 Benefits of Nail FoilNail Art: 5 Benefits of Nail Foil

With the premium nail foil 🚧 from our online shop, a particularly quick and effective nail art technique comes directly to your home. The beautiful nail foils ensure great effects for your own creations and give every look a unique touch. With their help, extraordinary ideas can be implemented very easily and quickly. No previous knowledge is necessary to use the nail foils and artistic talent also plays a subordinate role here - just let your imagination run wild and use the nail foils as desired. The nail art beauties are suitable for all systems, from classic nail polish to UV nail polish and Shellac to gel and acrylic and can also be applied to a prepared natural nail.

  • Fast & easy processing
  • Great effects
  • Implement your own creations
  • For beginners & professionals
  • Suitable for natural nails and all systems

Self-adhesive nail foil: Nail Art Pinstripes

“I am an absolute fan of self-adhesive pinstripes because they allow you to achieve super even results and the nail art looks really flawless,” explains nail designer Stefanie. Quick and easy application, perfect results – by using our high-quality self-adhesive nail foil you can make every nail design unique. The so-called nail art pinstripes from our range are glued directly to the nail. This uncomplicated nail art is suitable for beginners and professionals alike and can be turned into unique and phenomenal works of art in no time. You don't need a special nail foil adhesive to apply the decorative strips. Particularly beautiful: Our nail foils offer an interesting selection of fascinating highlights, from elegant, shiny metallic accents to breathtaking 🦄 hologram effects 🦄 to trendy chrome gems.

  • Versatile strip shape
  • Consistent results
  • Flawless appearance
  • Practical use
  • Large selection of colors & effects

Transfer foil for ingenious nail design

Would you like a different nail design every day? With our premium transfer foils you can easily create new looks on your nails every day. Unlike the self-adhesive pinstripes, which provide a certain shape for your nail art, you have a free hand with the transfer foils. Get inspired and try out the trendy effects on your nails - you can use them as a full cover as well as a special highlight - almost any shape is possible. With a special transfer nail foil adhesive /products/nail foil adhesive you can transfer the foil to your individual nail design. Our expert recommends the use of high-quality glue: “The dosage is particularly important here – too little glue results in a poor hold, too much glue swells unsightly beyond the nail foil and should be removed carefully with a cotton swab. Then be sure to let it dry thoroughly!”

  • For free design
  • Popular effects
  • Adhesion through nail foil glue

Our expert tip 🤓 for the perfect nail art with nail foil:

“Prepare your nail well, remove the cuticle and ensure that any unevenness is gently smoothed out to create the most even surface possible for your nail foil. When applying any type of nail foil, it is important to apply light and even pressure for perfect results!”