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The right studio table for 💅 nail design, with exclusive accessories such as a dust extraction or shelf elements, offers you a comfortable workplace and your customers relaxed comfort in an attractive ambience!

We combine practical functions and elegant design with well thought-out extras for professional work in our nail salon furniture, such as work tables and nail tables 💺 chair . The use of a premium 💅 nail table and suitable accessories in the studio is essential for comfortable work on the customer. Anyone who sits all day should pay attention to comfort and ergonomics and also not lose sight of occupational safety. With us you can order high-quality manicure tables online and have them delivered directly to your home or studio - this is a simple and uncomplicated way to make your workplace as comfortable as possible and benefit from professional studio tables with important accessories, such as integrated dust extraction!

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about the nail tables & accessories:

“The studio table is my most important piece of work furniture, where I spend many hours every day - here I want comfort, hygiene and design without compromise!”

Comfort & Hygiene: The right nail table

UV lamp, work lamp, gel, acrylic or nail polish and lots of instruments, brushes or jars - in our online shop you can order a practical 💅 studio table online, which offers you enough space for your work as well as the accessories and gives you a pleasant space for unleash your creativity. "The right nail table can support you in an upright sitting position and thus protect your back health. The customer shouldn't have to sit too close to you so that everyone has enough space for their legs. However, you shouldn't work too far apart either, because then "You involuntarily lean forward and assume a damaging back position," explains our expert. For them, a non-sensitive surface is particularly important in order to be able to clean the table hygienically with appropriate surface disinfection. She loves our nail tables with table tops made of smooth materials that have no grooves or bumps so that they can be carefully disinfected after each customer. Shockproof edges or practical cable guides are interesting extras for a comfortable workplace.

  • Lots of work space
  • Perfect distance between customer and nail designer
  • Insensitive surface
  • Easy to clean & disinfect
  • Extras for more comfort

Perfect studio tables for safety and design

Our manicure tables impress with attractive designs that elegantly combine practical accessories with pleasant shapes and colors, creating a professional atmosphere in your studio. Choose a straight 💅 table to save space, or choose curved shapes /products/nageltisch-action to work as ergonomically as possible. Our nail designer also likes to choose tables with well thought-out 🛅 storage options such as compartments under the worktop and shelf elements, because the most important utensils can be stored here directly and always have a place within easy reach without being intrusive on the table. Particularly practical: Many of our premium nail tables have an integrated 😷 dust extraction 💨 , which directly sucks up unpleasant odors and annoying filing dust and thus ensures hygiene throughout the entire studio. This exclusive extra is particularly important in the professional sector in order to be able to work cleanly and with little odor.

  • Attractive designs
  • Straight & curved table shapes
  • Practical accessories
  • Storage & Shelves
  • Integrated dust extraction