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Premium nail piercings made of real sterling silver impress with their high-quality workmanship, delicate designs and exquisite materials - let yourself be inspired and give your perfect nail art an extraordinary and ingenious touch!

Nail art with a difference awaits you with our high-quality nail piercings - they ensure that the artistic design of the nail is completed with a special eye-catcher. Our premium nail piercings are made from the best materials and have detailed designs that enable magical nail art. Use our delicate accessories to expand and complement your nail art and give it a special highlight that sensationally emphasizes your nails.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about nail piercings:

“Beautiful and matching nail piercings complement every nail art and can give magical motifs a special something.”

6 reasons: Buy premium nail piercings online

In our online shop we offer you high-quality premium nail piercings. They impress with their delicate production and detailed motifs, which give every nail design a special highlight. Our excellent products are made from 925 sterling silver. This fine silver is durable and resilient - this means complex motifs can be easily implemented and our beautiful nail piercings can easily withstand the demands of everyday life. These nail art accessories can be closed easily and reliably with a practical spring ring clasp. Some of our exquisite piercings are complemented by 💍 premium gemstones 💍 with wonderful colors; they refract the light thanks to the classic facet cut and thus have a magical sparkle. Due to the well-thought-out design, the elegant workmanship and the high-quality materials, the nail piercings from our range are particularly comfortable to wear.

  1. Delicate manufacturing
  2. Detailed motifs
  3. Durable 925 sterling silver
  4. Reliable spring ring closure
  5. Sparkling facet cut stones
  6. Special wearing comfort

Stunning nail piercing designs

Are you looking for a subtle nail piercing that you can wear in everyday life? Then choose the classic 🦪 nail piercing creole 🦪 with a subtle colored ball that appears elegant, extravagant and yet timelessly beautiful on your nail. If you feel like impressive nail art, you can choose ⭐ stars ⭐ , discs 🍕 and hearts ❤️ with shimmering stones as a nail piercing - a large selection of colored facet-cut stones ensure an attractive sparkle. In our range you will also find extravagant beauties with motifs such as snake 🐍 , cross ❌ and skull ☠️ . All nail piercings from our range are ideal for harmoniously complementing and rounding off a nail design. “You can pick up on certain mottos or themes that underlie the manicure or create a wonderful contrast to the selected colors,” explains our expert.

  • Classic nail piercing: subtle & elegant
  • Nail art motifs with glitter stones
  • Extravagant nail piercings
  • Nail design with nail piercing

“I recommend that you use nail piercings, especially on longer nails. These provide more space for the hole where the piercing is attached. You should also make sure that the piercing is at a certain distance from the skin so that nothing can chafe. Last but not least: In principle, you can attach the nail piercing to any nail, most people choose the ring finger. If you have a very active everyday life, choose the little finger as it is the least stressed,” recommends our nail designer Stefanie. She primarily uses nail piercings in the studio to complete nail art or to make the nails an eye-catcher for special events. The artistic design of your nails becomes easy and uncomplicated by attaching a nail piercing from our online shop:

  1. Place the nail surface on a flat surface
  2. Drill the hole in the desired location with a special nail piercing drill /products/nageldesign-piercing-bohrer - carefully, not with too much pressure!
  3. Pick up the nail piercing with tweezers and open it
  4. Insert nail piercing and close securely