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Our experts put together exclusive products for the gel collections in our online shop, which are delivered to you as an attractive complete package.

Everything in one set: In our high-quality gel collections, we combine various trendy gel colors for our customers or color-coordinated premium gels with matching colors, such as our 🔴 Red Collection of various classic red nuances. In our online shop we also offer complete modeling collections that combine high-quality premium gels in one system. We also combine our nail gels, developed and produced by experts in Germany, in our collections to suit certain seasons and events, for example our exclusive effect gels for the festive season at the end of the year.

  • Gel collections with trendy colors
  • Classic color gels in collection
  • Gel collection with modeling gels
  • Seasonal nail gel collection
  • Effect gel collection

System gel collections: Order sets of high-quality nail gels online

Our online shop offers you the classic system gels for nail modeling, as well as unusual and modern variants such as fiberglass gels, various phase gels, all-round gels and special nail gels for pedicures. Browse our system gel ⚙️ collections and benefit from our years of experience in nail modeling! The collections put together by our experts offer you optimally coordinated quality products in one set - simply order online and try it out!

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about gel collections:

“For perfect results, I like to use nail gels from a collection because then I can be sure that the individual components fit together and complement each other optimally.”

System & Color: Complete gel modeling collections

Gel collections that offer everything from the modeling system to the color for a trend in one set are suitable for beginners, for trying out and for easily expanding the portfolio of a nail salon. In our range we offer, among other things, the 👶Baby Boomer or the 🥐French collection . Our experts put together the sets so that they contain all the matching modeling and color gels needed to create a specific nail design. “You can conveniently order these gel collections online and the premium products will then arrive straight to your home in a straightforward manner - no time-consuming selection and no uncertainty as to whether the individual components harmonize with each other,” says our nail designer Stefanie.

  • For beginners
  • To try
  • For professionals: offer nail design trends quickly and easily
  • Matching color and modeling gels for a nail design

5 advantages: color & effect gel collections

In our gel collections we combine classic color gels in different shades as well as trendy nail gels in trendy colors. The gel collections with classic colors such as red or nude are ideal for always having different shades of the popular colors in the studio range. They are also interesting for private users to use their own favorite color in different shades to suit the occasion or for special accents. In addition to pure color gels, the selection also includes color-coordinated ✨ effect gels , which give the color gels a special touch and are ideal for decorative nails, for example, explains our expert. Gel collections in trendy colors contain trendy color and effect gels that create fascinating highlights on the nails. They are perfect for trying out new trends. By ordering a color effect gel collection, professional nail designers have the opportunity to easily offer a nail design that is in tune with the times and expand their own portfolio.

  1. Popular colors in different shades
  2. Favorite color in all shades for every occasion
  3. Set accents with harmonizing color and effect gels
  4. Try out new trends
  5. Easily expand your portfolio in the nail salon

Seasonal gel collections for special events

Every season has its charm and can be wonderfully emphasized with the right nail color. Our seasonal gel collections ensure a stylish selection of our premium gels throughout the year. While classics such as the various nude tones and red nuances are popular all year round, other beauties among the color gels are particularly suitable for certain times and events. “In winter, for example, I like to use berry and chocolate tones that convey warmth and coziness, while in summer I prefer bright colors and fruity nuances, such as peach - especially when I'm going on summer vacation,” explains nail designer Stefanie. Special events, such as parties or other glamorous celebrations, can also provide an opportunity to pick up a gel collection. For example, special effect gels are in demand that attract attention with exclusive mica, glitter, metallic accents or other special effects.