Hygiene & Sicherheit im Nagelstudio: Wiedereröffnung nach Corona

Hygiene & safety in the nail salon: reopening after Corona

Unexpectedly by customers and employees, it has now been announced that the nail salons are allowed to reopen after the Corona shutdown - the nail designers are working at full speed to prepare for the opening and to comply with the hygiene regulations.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Steffi says about the hygiene regulations:

"It's not that easy, because there are no separate regulations for nail salons - we adhere to the rules that are also imposed on hairdressers as well as Section 5 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act."🤷‍♀️

In March 2020, cosmetic and nail salons were closed due to the corona crisis in order to minimize the risk of infection. Hard times began for many customers and studios, which were primarily characterized by uncertainty.

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As always, disinfectants for nail salons are considered absolute standard

The HWK Bremen requires that the usual high hygiene standards of the trades are adhered to. Our nail designer Stefanie relies on the use of disinfectants for spraying , instrument disinfection , surface disinfection and for the cutter drill bath . She also attaches great importance to regular hand disinfection .

Tip from our 💅 nail designer Steffi:

“I also like to use disinfectant wipes because they can also be used to clean the UV lights very well, for example.”

Disinfectants for use in the nail salon can be purchased online from us, ensuring regular supplies .

Information on the use 👍 of disinfectants, instrument disinfection, surface disinfection, hand disinfection in nail salons can be found here >>>

Spray disinfection
Disinfectant wipes
Cleaning set drill

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Since Corona, appropriate protective equipment has been required for modeling and treatment

“The nail designer's basic equipment generally includes a 😷 face mask , and a face shield or protective glasses can also be used in times of Corona.

“Both protect against flying droplets and, during pedicures, also against flying nail splinters that have been detached from the cutter,” says our nail expert Steffi 👩‍🎨

If you use disposable face masks 😷, you should make sure that the bracket sits comfortably on your nose and closes well. Furthermore, the materials used for the premium mouth and nose mask should be free of irritants, have no odor and contain no glass fibers. Latex gloves , nitrile gloves or vinyl gloves should also be a given in the nail salon and should be changed after every treatment. “Allergy sufferers should definitely pay attention to the right material!” says the nail designer. The face protection visor offers protection for the entire face; it can also be worn over the face mask.

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Face protection visor

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6 special features: Nail salon with cosmetic area – facial treatments during Corona

Nail salons that also have a cosmetics area and provide corresponding services to customers must take additional protective measures due to their proximity to customers. Facial services, such as eyebrow plucking, facial treatments and the like, must be carried out in a separate room as an individual treatment. The HWK Bremen recommends the use of plexiglass panels for separation, if possible, as well as the use of an FFP2 mask as well as protective gloves and a protective gown. The designation FFP indicates the protection class of the respirator mask (from FFP1 to FFP3), because special requirements are placed on these, for example respirators with protection class FFP2 must demonstrably filter at least 94% of particles with a size of 0.6 micrometers from the air.

  1. Individual treatment
  2. Separate room
  3. FFP2 mask
  4. Protective gown
  5. Protective gloves
  6. If possible: Plexiglass partition

The HWK Bremen recommends setting up a protective shield made of Plexiglas in the reception area and checkout area. It is also recommended to keep your distance in the break room. Regular ventilation is intended to reduce exposure to pathogens. It can also be helpful, with the consent of the customer, to keep contact lists that show who was in the nail salon and when, so that in the event of an infection, the routes of infection can be quickly traced. In order to better maintain the minimum distance between customers and employees, markings and barriers should be set to help with orientation.

!Important information! There is also no waiting area allowed in front of the cosmetic studio!

  • Protective shields in the entrance & at the checkout
  • Keep your distance in the break room
  • Ventilate regularly
  • Maintain contact lists
  • Markings for minimum distance
  • No waiting in front of the studio!

Anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory disease is not allowed to go to the nail salon!

Corona: What hygiene measures for nail salons? 🤷‍♀️ 6 questions for the expert Steffi

The nail salon where our nail designer Stefanie works will be reopened after the Corona shutdown. We ask how our expert plans to protect employees and customers. What is possible and what is not? What protective equipment is required in the nail salon? Our interview represents the personal opinion and information of our nail designer based in Bremen; it does not replace inquiries from the responsible Chamber of Crafts or legal advice in the event of anything unclear.

  1. ND24: As nail designers, will you wear a face mask?
    Nail designer Stefanie: “Of course, we are obliged to wear a mouth and nose covering. This must be changed after each customer and when it becomes moist from breath.”
  2. ND24: Will your customers wear a face mask in the nail salon?
    Nail designer Stefanie: “Yes, our customers also have to wear a mouth and nose cover to protect the employees and other customers from infection.”
  3. ND24: What about hand washing?
    Nail designer Stefanie: “The nail designers have to wash their hands thoroughly and, ideally, disinfect them before every customer. Customers should also wash or disinfect their hands before they start!”
  4. ND24: What is changing in the way we deal with devices and materials?
    Nail designer Stefanie: “All equipment and tools should be professionally cleaned and disinfected after each customer, regardless of Corona – this of course also applies now. It is also important to only use towels and other textile products once and then wash them in hot water!”
  5. ND24: Do you open the waiting area in the nail salon?
    Nageldesign Stefanie: “No, we will not reopen the waiting area in the nail salon for the time being. Unlike usual, we can no longer serve our customers or provide them with reading material.”
  6. ND24: How did the preparation for the reopening go?
    Nail designer Stefanie: “We didn't have time for great preparation because, at least here in Bremen, the decision was communicated at very short notice. We are now trying to organize everything as quickly as possible and to take the appropriate protective measures and organize the appropriate material if it is not yet available. We also have to call all customers and schedule our appointments. At first everything was quiet and like it was on pause because of the shutdown and now it goes from 0 to 100 in a very short time!”

▶️ Detailed information is available from the Bremen Chamber of Crafts (HWK Bremen), among others:


▶️ Corona protective measures in the nail salon

For the protective measures in its Corona checklist for cosmetics/foot care and nail design, the HWK Bremen refers to the risk assessment according to Section 5 ArbSchG, which you can find here:


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