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Order online now and get nail design sets delivered straight to your home and get started straight away! Our experts have put together ingenious sets of quality nail design products and accessories for you, with which you can easily achieve the best result for your perfect nail design!

Be inspired by our unique sets - here you will find exquisite products for the perfect nail design in a ready to start box. Our experts have set out to combine the best selection from our diverse range into a harmoniously coordinated set for you. You can easily order these practical boxes for a perfect nail design online and have them delivered to your home - there is no need for complicated selection and assembly. When the set comes to your home, you will have everything you need for your best nail design - quality products such as nail polishes, Shellac, acrylic and UV gel made in Germany as well as practical accessories that make your work easier and support you.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about the sets:

“Perfectly coordinated and practical - all the products are put together in one set so that nothing is missing and I have everything at hand for the nail design I want to do.”

5 reasons: nail design sets for nail salons

In our range we offer UV Gel Premium ⭐🌟⭐ sets for nail salons - you can either use founder or starter sets if you are currently self-employed and turning your dream into a career. Or you can choose professional sets that contain products themed according to colors or trends - this way you can respond to customer requests, offer your customers a wide range and set yourself apart from other studios. “Finding a color or a nail modeling system that suits the customer and her nails requires a larger selection - sets are ideal for expanding a studio's portfolio with high-quality products without much effort,” explains our nail designer Stefanie .

  1. Enlarge color selection
  2. Offer trends
  3. Stand out from other studios
  4. The right color for every customer
  5. The right system for every nail

Beginners: Complete nail sets

Do you want to start nail design and need everything from scratch? With our starter sets, that's no problem at all - they contain the quality products to get you started with nail design as well as ingenious accessories that make your work easier and ensure that you can create breathtaking looks yourself as quickly as possible. "I think complete nail sets are perfect, especially for getting started with nail design, because they contain everything you need - as a layperson, you can quickly lose track of things and when you want to start, you notice that an important part is missing," explains our expert. We make sure that you have everything at hand so that you can have fun and be creative and start creating your individual nail designs.

  • Quality products to get you started
  • Ingenious accessories
  • Easier work
  • Joy and creativity when trying things out

Order nail design sets onlinePhenomenal colors, different nail design systems or high-quality 🔨 accessory sets 🧰 - in our range we offer a breathtaking variety of sensational premium items that offer you everything you need in nail design and for breathtaking 💍 nail art 💎 . To make things easier for you and without a long search, we have starter sets ready for you, for example with a 🌈 color gel collection 🌈 or Shellac varnish 💅💅 starter sets - you can simply order these online and rely on the expertise of our professionals. They have put together complete sets for different systems and requirements so that once the sets have been delivered to your home, you can simply get to work. The coordinated products complement each other perfectly and ensure that with a little practice you can quickly achieve optimal results.
• Complete nail sets • Put together by experts • Order online • Try it out straight away