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Acrylic starter set to get started straight away and try out, for beginners and professionals. The classic French manicure - in our range we offer sets with innovative acrylic gels and matching accessories with which you can easily create a fascinating nail design.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about the acrylic sets:

“For me, professional accessories are simply part of nail design – from special acrylic brushes to dappen dishes, I always focus on quality and am happy to recommend acrylic sets that are tailored to beginners.”

Our acrylic sets are put together by experts and include high-quality premium products from our range. Matched to each other, they harmonize perfectly and ensure remarkable results. Our acrylic gel is particularly revolutionary with an innovative formula that combines gel and powder - no more annoying mixing is required. Of course, we also have nail dipping starter sets in our range and therefore one of the easiest modeling options as a dip powder starter kit. Our ingenious acrylic sets for fascinating nail design contain first-class acrylic, which is odorless and is easy to work with thanks to its optimal viscosity - we also have the right accessories to match. The premium products ensure strong and flexible fingernails that are light as a feather and are ideal for the challenges of everyday life.

8 advantages of our acrylic sets:

  1. Premium acrylic powder & acrylic gel
  2. Harmonizing products
  3. Perfect results
  4. Innovative acrylic gel without mixing
  5. Dipping powder system with easy application
  6. Optimal viscosity for easy application
  7. Strong & flexible nails
  8. No weighing down of the nail

Starter: Acrylic sets for beginners

Our acrylic starter sets are ideal for getting to know each other, because our experts have put together first-class acrylic sets for beginners to ensure optimal results and ease of use. We deliver everything you need for a successful start to nail design with acrylic straight to your home. In our starter acrylic sets you will find, among other things, our revolutionary acrylic gel with a new formula as well as matching primers and liquids that make your work easier. Appropriate equipment, such as files and application instruments, may also be included. Thanks to our innovative formula, the products can be used directly, you don't have to mix anything together yourself and you can get started straight away!

  • Acrylic sets to get to know
  • Matched products
  • Innovative formula
  • No mixing
  • Get started immediately

Master & Studio: Acrylic sets for professionals

Do you own a nail salon or are you a freelance nail designer? Our experts have put together acrylic sets with high-quality products especially for professional users - simply order and work professionally with them. The exquisite products from our range harmonize perfectly with each other. The Acrylic Sets Studio and Master contain, among other things, high-quality acrylic color powder, acrylic liquid and primer as well as other practical accessories, such as tips and tip glue, which ensure fascinating results. Our Premium Acrylic Gel Starter Set contains our modern acrylic gel with the easy-to-use formula without mixing as well as high-quality light curing devices - excellent accessories that simply include everything you need when it comes to acrylic nail design. Brilliant colors, long durability and perfect application properties ensure fun and optimal results when working with our premium acrylic sets. The high-quality products in our acrylic sets developed by experts are the perfect companion for professionals in a successful career as a nail designer. “Practical extras, such as tube squeezers, make work easier and are the perfect addition to an acrylic set,” says our nail designer Stefanie.

  • Acrylic sets for studios
  • Brilliant colors & long durability
  • Perfect application properties
  • Optimal results
  • Premium acrylic products

French Set Acrylic

The French manicure has been a classic for years when doing nails at home and in nail salons, which is very popular and is chosen again and again. “This elegant nail design gives the hands a well-groomed look and is suitable for everyday life, at work and for special events,” explains our expert. A French Set Acrylic is recommended for both professionals and beginners because it contains high-quality, ideally coordinated premium acrylic products. Here you will find acrylic gels in Bright White and Milky Rose as well as the matching primer and acrylic liquid - as well as a spatula and detailed instructions for flawless processing. The individual components of the French Set Acrylic harmonize perfectly with each other and create breathtaking nail designs. Tip from our nail designer: "Acrylic is often a good choice for stressed nails and offers particular durability" !

  • French Set Acrylic for Studio & Home
  • Acrylic for classic French manicure
  • Matched products
  • Acrylic gels in white & pink
  • Matching primer & acrylic liquid
  • With spatula & instructions for use