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Use our varnish sets to get to know Shellac and UV varnish! Trying out new colors and following popular trends made easy – simply order online and our premium products with matching accessories will be delivered to your home.

Our fantastic paint sets are put together by experts from our excellent range. The compositions offer you premium products and high-quality accessories in a set that you can order online and try out at home. Our paints impress with their durability, as they are particularly scratch and impact resistant. Thanks to the matching products in the sets, you can look forward to optimal hold and perfect adhesion. Brilliant colors and phenomenal high gloss ensure brilliant results and invite you to let your imagination run wild.

7 good reasons for paint sets

  1. Premium products & accessories
  2. Easy & quick: Order paint sets online
  3. Scratch and impact resistant paints
  4. Optimal hold & adhesion
  5. Brilliant colors
  6. Phenomenal high gloss
  7. With instructions for use

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about polish sets:

“I love polish sets – they contain lots of uncomplicated products for quick application and are also suitable for beginners!”

Nail design: polish sets to try out

Do you want to try out new colors? Would you like to get to know 💅 Shellac or 💅 UV nail polish ? In our starter polish sets you will find an exclusive selection of high-quality products from our range that you can use for your nail design. We offer complete sets in which you will find everything you need to get started with nail design: Fascinating Shellac colors with matching base top coat, remover and cleaner as well as a light curing device, buffers, files and cellettes. “With these high-quality extras, you are perfectly prepared even as a beginner,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. In the enclosed instructions for use you will find out how you can easily create perfect results for your nails. Rely on our experts who have put together these paint sets for you with great attention to detail and a lot of know-how. Simply order the paint set online, have it delivered to your home and try it out straight away!

  • Shellac kit
  • UV nail polish set
  • Paints & Accessories
  • With instructions for use
  • Order paint sets online
  • Have it delivered to your home
  • Try it straight away

Premium: Lacquer sets for studios

“Durable colors, great nuances and quick and easy processing – the polish sets are timeless classics even among professionals,” says our nail designer. Premium varnish sets are ideal for offering a first-class selection of high-quality Shellac, UV varnish or 💅 nail polish in the studio. They contain various wonderful products from our range that match thematically and in color, complement each other or belong to a trend - such as our 💚 💛 Shellac Neon or 🤎 Nude Sets . Nail designers who want to expand their color range or portfolio and, for example, get to know and offer work with 🚀 Shellac can benefit from our premium starter sets with different colors as well as the matching base top coat, high gloss cleaner and remover at attractive prices . Our premium starter sets are also suitable for a complete restart and business opening, because they ensure that all the required components are delivered in high quality and coordinated with each other.

  • Selection of high-quality paints
  • Premium paint sets to get to know
  • Starter sets at attractive prices
  • Expand nail salon offerings
  • For nail salon restart