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Hygienic, ergonomic and comfortable: high-quality hand rests with terry cloth cover ensure pleasant work in nail design. They give flexibility, enable relaxation and are practical helpers for keeping your hands in position.

Ergonomic work with maximum freedom of movement - the high-quality hand rests from our range are professional accessories that make working in the studio as pleasant as possible for customers and nail designers. 😙 They are suitable for commercial nail design as well as for working at home. Thanks to their dimensionally stable core and soft cover, they offer the perfect basis for comfortable work and precise execution of manicures, nail art and nail modeling. 👍 Customers are happy about the pleasant storage option for hands, wrists or arms, which increases comfort and means that even longer working hours do not become uncomfortable. 💅

That's what our nail designer says 👩‍🎨 Stefanie on hand rest:

“I always use hand rests – they are indispensable for effective work on the customer! The customers can rest their wrists in a relaxed manner and the nail designer can position their hands well for their work!”

6 reasons for nail design hand rests

In our range we offer hand rests , which are ideal for relieving the nail designer's arms and hands while working. They ensure that the customer's hands are in a slightly elevated position so that they can be brought into the desired positions more easily. 🙌 The hand rests give more flexibility and offer a soft and stable surface on which the hands can rest while working, explains our expert. The ergonomic helpers for nail modeling or manicures are suitable for professional work in the studio or on the go and create the best conditions for carrying out precise nail art and demanding modeling comfortably and comfortably. 💪 The hand rests are placed in the desired location on the work table and can be positioned freely so that they can be used individually for the customer and the nail designer - also perfect for mobile nail designers 🚗💨 who have to work with different conditions on site and so for convenience and Ensure professionalism .

  1. Relieve arms and hands
  2. Keep customer hands in position
  3. Flexibility when working
  4. For studio & on the go
  5. Working comfort for nail art & nail modeling
  6. Versatile

Hand rest for more comfort for the customer

In the nail salon, there are jobs that take more time and require the customer's hands to stay in different positions for longer in order to achieve optimal results . ⏳ For the customer, holding these positions permanently can be strenuous or put pressure on certain areas - by using a soft hand rest, the hands can be easily placed and moved freely, so that the customer can attend her appointments comfortably and relaxed . 💤 Thanks to the comfortable shelf, the customer has the opportunity to sit down comfortably and avoid postures that damage the back. 👌

  • Place your hands in a relaxed manner
  • Freedom of movement
  • Avoid pressure points
  • Soft & dimensionally stable surface
  • Comfortable sitting position

Nail design: hand rests with terry cloth cover

The high-quality hand rests for perfect nail design and ergonomic work have a foam core that retains its shape and is still flexible enough to provide a comfortable base for hands, wrists or arms. Terry cloth as a cover for the hand rest ensures a soft surface on which the hand does not sweat. ✋ They are particularly easy to care for because they can simply be removed and washed in the washing machine. Particularly practical: You can choose terry cloth covers in different colors to match your interior or specific events. They are perfect for mobile work or doing nails at home, says our nail designer. In the studio, the terry towel should be changed and washed after every customer or covered with a color-matching guest towel that you can simply change after every customer in order to work hygienically.

  • Dimensionally stable foam
  • Terry cloth cover
  • Washable & easy to care for
  • Color matching