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The fascinating effect gels in our online shop create individual nail designs and give every outfit a brilliant highlight.

Glamor nail design with effect gel: Well-groomed nails with effects that shimmer in the light or even react to the surrounding conditions offer a unique nail design! “Mica, glitter or metallic - a classic effect gel simply belongs in the basic equipment of every nail designer,” says our expert Stefanie. In addition to the classics, our range also includes modern Cat Eye Magnet Effect Gel, Chrome Gel as well as trendy Thermo Gel and Solar Gel. The premium effect gels in our online shop are developed and manufactured by our experts in Germany according to the guidelines of the Cosmetics Ordinance.

This is what our nail designer Stefanie says about effect gel:

“I love gels with a subtle shimmer and usually choose a shimmering full cover manicure. I have a horse - the nails can sometimes be affected. Thanks to the light mica, small scratches and blemishes are not immediately noticeable and the nails look well-groomed until the next refill!”

Effect gel with mica and glitter for everyday life and events

The popular ✨ mica gels offer exclusive color brilliance and unique finesse - they combine the optimal coverage of the color gel with the gentle shimmer of the mica particles. The mica gel creates light accents when the light falls on it and is therefore the perfect companion for an individual nail design at special events, as it is even suitable for weddings in subtle nude colors, but it also ensures good style in everyday life. “The advantage of the effect gel with a slight shimmer is that smaller scratches and blemishes are not noticeable due to the iridescent play of the glitter particles and the color. That’s why the mica gels are ideal for active everyday life, for example with children or animals,” says our expert. 🌟 Glitter Gels offer nail gels that contain larger glitter particles than the mica gels. They are a beautiful addition to any festive outfit. In everyday life, the glitter gels can be used as decorative nails - giving a classic manicure that certain something.

Mica gel:

  • Color gel with a subtle shimmer
  • Color brilliance, opacity & mica
  • Light accent

Glitter Gel:

  • Color gel with glitter
  • For strong accents on full covers
  • Suitable for decorative nails

3 benefits of glitter and mica gel:

  1. Set accents of your choice
  2. Elegant style for parties
  3. Suitable for an active everyday life

5 reasons for Chrome & Metallic: Extravagant effect gels for special moments

The great effect gels 💫 Metallic delight with their metallic shine and their appealing color intensity. Both effects can also be found in the Chrome 💿 gels , whose shine is almost mirror-like and creates fascinating effects on the nails. The effect gels from our large range are ideal for special occasions, as they provide a nail design with strong accents at parties, New Year's Eve, dancing or other extravagant events. “Metallic and chrome nails offer a super modern look and give the nails a sophisticated touch that is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher,” says our nail designer:

  1. Metallic shine & color strength
  2. For special occasions
  3. Nail design with strong accents
  4. Modern look
  5. Eye-catcher

Special effect gel: Solar & Thermo Gel

In our online shop we offer effect gels with cool ✨ special effects that make every nail design a real highlight. Here you will find great premium effect gels that, for example, glow in the dark as well as thermal 🌡️ gels - which change their color at different temperatures or when exposed to sunlight (solar 🌞 gel) and thus set unique accents for every season and many events. The selection of special effect gels also includes modern Cat 🐱 Eye Magnet Gels , which use magnetic mica particles and the use of a magnet to ensure a fascinating and incomparable effect of the elegant nail design. They give the nails the mysterious beauty of cat's eyes through the extraordinary play of light reflections and color:

  • Effect gel that glows in the dark
  • Thermal nail gel (color changes when the temperature changes)
  • Solar gel (color changes when exposed to sunlight)
  • Cat Eye Magnet Gel (with cat eye effect)