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Premium nail tools for nail design and nail art from our online shop ensure easy work and perfect results. High-quality materials are durable and can be carefully cleaned, so you can use the excellent nail tool in the studio or at home at any time.

In our large range, we use the term nail tool to summarize all the instruments that make it easier for you to work on the cuticle and nail, enable you to remove residues of varnish and gel, and make applying nail art child's play. Our practical premium accessories, which are suitable for professionals in the studio and nail designs at home and are made from high-quality materials, have the best reviews in our online shop. Rely on the opinion of our experienced customers and create your perfect nail design with exclusive nail tools. 💚

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about the nail tool:

“Nail tools are your professional helpers that you use specifically when you need them - they make your work easier and better!”

Online bestseller: 5 premium nail tools for the studio and home

In our range we offer five absolute bestsellers in the nail tools section, which are among our customers' favorites and have received top ratings in our online shop.

1. Rosewood sticks

The rosewood sticks are made from natural, soft rosewood - injuries and damage to the nail or cuticle can be avoided. They have two sides, one pointed like a pencil, the other flat and slanted. Because of these two sides, the rosewood stick can be used for various nail design tasks, such as pushing back the cuticles and removing polish residues or as an aid in nail art. In the studio, a new stick should be used for each customer.

2. Pro Pusher

The pusher is made of durable metal and can be easily sterilized, making it the ideal tool for professionals. It has a side that resembles a small spoon and a spatula-like side. This instrument is suitable for professional work as well as for nail design at home. The pusher can be used to work on the cuticles and remove gel or varnish residues - even in hard-to-reach places such as the nail fold. In addition, the spoon-like side can be used to transport pigment powder or glitter and mica hygienically cleanly, evenly and reliably from the pot to the nail.

3. Horse foot

The horse's foot , also known as the hoof stick, has rubber similar to a horse's hoof. It is perfect for pushing back the cuticles particularly gently. This stick is easy to clean and is also ideal for use in the studio.

4. Gel spatula

The Gel Spatula is a professional tool that has two flattened sides, one tapered and the other gently rounded. Made of rust-proof and sterilizable stainless steel, this nail tool is ideal for studios. The universal instrument is not only suitable for removing polish and gel residues, but also for picking up nail art and mixing and stirring the gel or acrylic mass, explains our expert.

5. Nail art pickers

The nail art picker is particularly suitable for nail art work. Due to the special structure with the special ends, this tool is ideal for picking up nail art accessories such as rhinestones and crystals or stickers from the storage box or from the rotating display. It is the optimal instrument for delicate work and helps with the quick and targeted application of nail art. 🎀

The most important nail tools - recommendations from our expert

In addition to the bestsellers from our online shop already mentioned, our expert uses other important instruments for perfect nail design: For a flawless manicure and pedicure, she uses high-quality cuticle nippers to carefully and thoroughly remove protruding cuticles. Another important tool for their work is the excavator . This can be used to clean the nail from below, remove overflowing gel or polish from the edges of the nail and much more.

  1. Cuticle nippers
  2. Excavator

How do you find good nail tools?

When choosing your nail tool, our expert recommends that you pay attention to high quality, which is characterized by durable materials and a practical design. For our professional it is clear that the instruments are comfortable to hold in your daily work and enable uncomplicated nail design - you should use them conscientiously for the tasks for which they were designed. When using it on customers, it is also important that the nail tools are easy to clean. Our expert advises you to remove any coarse contamination from the instruments after each use and to carefully disinfect them, if necessary sterilize them or clean them in an ultrasonic device. 👍

  • Durable materials
  • Practical structure
  • Sits well in the hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Disinfectable & sterilizable