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Premium nail tips 💅 for every nail shape and length - in our range you will find a large selection of high-quality nail tips that are durable and elastic: for perfect nail design with a natural look!

Long nails that are durable and appear even - with our high-quality nail tips you will find a premium tip with a perfect fit for every nail. The nail tips are always used in nail modeling when a natural nail needs to be brought to a certain length or into a certain shape. They ensure that you achieve perfect results and that all nails appear uniform. Our premium nail tips offer you the perfect canvas for unique nail art or complement classic manicures such as French and full cover. Size, length and curvature are essential for a comfortable fit - choose the right type of tip for you and your customers from our range!

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about the nail tips:

“A good tip selection will help you find the right shape to correct visual imperfections on a natural nail and achieve even nail design results.”

Buy premium nail tips online

In our range we offer a large selection of high-quality nail tips that you can order online and have delivered directly to your home. The durable plastic nail tips are used in nail modeling to give the nails the desired length and shape. With their help, long nails that are durable and strong are easy to create! Our premium nail tips are characterized by their elasticity and impress with thin adhesive surfaces for almost edge-free modeling - giving your nail design a natural look. In addition to the length and shape of the tip, different C-curves ↪️ can also be selected for the nail tips. When you look at the nail from the front, the C curve appears as a horizontal C. You can also find the arch, the curve that you see when you look at the side of a nail, in different versions in our online shop.

  • Resilient
  • For length & shape
  • durability
  • Almost edge-free modeling
  • Tip shape ⛰️ selectable
  • Different C-curves
  • Selectable arch shape

Large selection: Tip Box for nail design

“For optimal results that last a long time, it is important that the tip of each nail fits perfectly. Since every fingernail has its own natural shape, it is important to choose the nail tip that suits each individual nail,” explains our expert. This is where our tip boxes come in, because they contain different shapes and sizes of tips for each finger - simply hold it up to the natural nail and select the right one. “Choosing the right tip is so important because tips that are too small can cause unsightly edges or feelings of tension, while tips that are too large lie on the skin and can irritate it painfully and fail to hold,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. That's why nail salons like to use extensive tip boxes - with the help of a larger selection of high-quality nail tips, the results can be noticeably improved through the perfect fit.

  • Perfect fit on every nail
  • Choose a tip that matches your natural nail
  • Tips that are too small: edges and feelings of tension
  • Tips that are too big: skin irritation and poor hold

Nail tips in many shapes

In our range you can choose specific nail tip shapes, such as 🩰 ballerina or stiletto 👠. Filing these trendy nail shapes evenly yourself is difficult - suitable tips make your work easier and save you time. In our online shop you will also find special curve nails that have a particularly curved C-curve and an attractively curved arch - they are particularly popular in studios and provide attractive accents. With our Classic and Easy Fit nail tips in the Flat and Round versions, you have a classic in your range that suits a variety of nail shapes.