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Our premium nail cutter grinding machine and accessories are among the professional nail design instruments with which you can create precise results quickly and effectively. The practical e-files are the perfect helpers for studios and at home!

Shortening, shaping, removing – our premium nail cutters are the ideal tools for various nail design tasks. With mains operation or powerful batteries, they are useful instruments for flawless nails and well-groomed cuticles - in the studio, for mobile nail design or for private users and beginners. The high-quality electric Escort ⚙️ milling machines in our range are characterized by their long service life and their modern collets, which make bit changing quick and uncomplicated. They develop only a small amount of heat when grinding and impress with their smooth running and optimized concentricity, making working with these precise tools child's play.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about nail cutters:

“The more precisely the nail is prepared, the better the result will be – with cutters you can work quickly and cleanly. This saves time and ensures the durability of your nail design!”

Advantages of professional cutters in nail design

In professional nail design, electric Ocius ⚙️ nail cutter sets are used regularly and frequently, so they need to be cleaned frequently. High-quality Promed cutters from our range are made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials that are suitable for disinfection and sterilization and are characterized by a long service life with consistent properties, even when used frequently. Our expert finds the smooth running and low heat development when working with the so-called e-files particularly important so that it remains comfortable for the customer and the work is easy to do.

  • Durable materials
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long life span
  • Smooth running
  • Low heat development

Buy nail cutters & practical accessories online

In addition to the electric files , the electric nail cutter sets ⚙️ in our online shop also include practical foot pedals with which the rotation of the cutter can be regulated - this simple and direct operation is particularly popular in commercial operations. The cutter pedals are characterized by robust housings and non-slip bases, so that they can be positioned and operated safely and reliably. Our range also includes ergonomic grinding machine handpieces that are particularly low-noise and low-vibration, can be infinitely regulated and have left and right rotation - these instruments are ideally equipped for various nail design jobs. Particularly practical: the attachments can be changed quickly and easily! Matching the high-quality handpieces, you will also find the corresponding replacement abrasive carbon and replacement filter bags in our offer, which can be easily changed. You don't know how to use electric files and their accessories correctly? No problem – in our online range and in our blog you will also find practical information material on the correct handling and use of the milling cutters.

  • Foot pedals
  • Ergonomic handpieces
  • Replacement abrasive carbon
  • Replacement filter bags
  • Information material for e-files

Nail design cutter with mains or battery operation

We offer you professional ⚙️ nail cutters that are connected to the socket via the cable - these mains-operated electric files are the perfect devices in the commercial sector and are an excellent useful addition to your workplace in the nail salon. Handy and small specimens can be easily carried along and make mobile nail design easier for you. You will also find high-quality milling cutters with long-lasting batteries ⚡ /products/promed-feeling for charging and matching power adapters, which can be used great for flexible and mobile work. Enjoy maximum freedom of movement while working and benefit from powerful grinding machine motors that ensure the best results!

  • Cutter for mains operation
  • Nail design cutter with battery
  • For studio & mobile nail design

9 reasons for professional nail cutters in nail design

The premium nail cutters from our range are suitable for perfect manicures, pedicures, nail modeling and precise nail art. They are used, among other things, to remove excess cuticles and calluses during manicures and pedicures. They are also suitable for nail modeling to remove the old gel during a refill or to shape the modeled nail. Furthermore, they are the perfect helpers in nail art, because with their help you can easily and appropriately insert nail art elements such as rhinestones into the nail. It is also practical that professional devices have dust extraction and the air from the files is fed directly into a filter - hygienic work in the studio is no longer a problem! “For me, the nail cutters with their attachments are indispensable in the studio - the professional tools help me to work quickly, efficiently and precisely,” says our nail designer.

  1. Manicure & Pedicure
  2. Nail modeling
  3. Remove cuticles and calluses
  4. Remove gel
  5. Shape the modeled nail
  6. Add nail art elements
  7. Direct dust extraction
  8. Fast & efficient
  9. Precise work