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You can find high-quality buffer polishing blocks for sensational nail design in premium quality in our online shop. The ingenious sanding blocks support every manicure and are suitable for professional work on well-groomed artificial and natural nails.

Matting, sanding or leveling out grooves – there are many reasons to use a buffer in nail design. These practical accessories make your work easier in your own four walls as well as in the studio. Our ingenious buffers fit well in the hand and are ideal for various steps of nail design - it's hard to imagine life without these practical helpers. In our range you will find sanding blocks with different grain sizes as well as buffer sets for a larger selection.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says to the buffers:

“Matting or roughening natural nails, filing the nail model into shape before finishing and smoothing out unevenness – for me, the buffer is an all-purpose weapon in the studio that is often used!”

6 reasons for Premium Buffer

In nail design, the buffers 💚💛 , also known as sanding blocks, are used to sand the surface of artificial and natural nails evenly. They are suitable, for example, for gently leveling out unevenness and grooves on a natural nail or for bringing the applied gel layers into the correct, even shape with all their natural arches after modeling. When refilling, coarse buffers are suitable for carefully removing the old gel. Buffers are also used to prepare the natural nail for modeling and to matt it (also known as buffering) - this way the subsequent products can combine optimally with the nail and a reliable hold is guaranteed. In addition to the all-round grit, there are also buffers in which one of the four sides of the sanding block is free of sanding particles, so that the tool fits comfortably in the hand. This site is suitable for massaging the nail and cuticle to stimulate blood circulation and support healthy normal growth.

  1. Even nail surface
  2. Even out grooves
  3. Even modeling shape
  4. Remove old gel when refilling
  5. Matt the nail in preparation for nail modeling
  6. For massage

Buffer for studio and home

“Gentle on the cuticles and also suitable for sensitive nails, the buffer is always a good choice for me,” says our expert. The buffer itself is usually made of insensitive plastic, so that it is firm enough for nail design activities, but is still so soft and flexible that it gently adapts to the shape of the nail. In this way, the nails can be optimally processed in the shortest possible time. The buffers from our online range are used in the nail salon and for manicures at home because they are an ingenious tool for perfect nail design.

  • Insensitive plastic core
  • Perfect properties for nail design
  • Sanding block for studio & home

Buffer with fine and coarse grains

For use in nail modeling or manicure you can find sanding blocks with fine and coarse grit in our online shop. The numbers listed indicate how many grains are on a specific area of ​​the abrasive. The lower the number, the larger the grains and the coarser the grinding effect. Buffers with a finer grain, such as this professional 💅 Buffer, are suitable for buffering the nail before modeling. Buffers with a grain size of 60 or 100 are suitable for shaping the artificial nail after modeling. The special thing about the buffers: Some have 3️ different grain sizes on three sides - this is particularly practical if you only have one buffer at hand that is supposed to fulfill several tasks. However, you will also find sanding blocks with the same grain size on all sides in our range. Professionals and studios can also benefit from our buffer sets , which offer sanding blocks with different grain sizes.

Special buffers: polishing blocks for massage & shine

Among the buffers in our online shop, we also offer you special premium polishing blocks. They ensure an attractive shine on natural nails and can also be used in modeling - a well-groomed look in a natural way and even surfaces for nail polish, gel or acrylic are child's play! The aim of working with the polishing block in nail design is to smooth the nail surface without removing too much material - this protects the nail and allows the surface to reflect the light evenly, which ensures the fascinating shine of the polished nails. Polish natural nails to a high shine and gently process artificial nails - high-quality polishing blocks are an essential part of a nail designer's range. They are practical tools for naturally caring for nails and making the surface appear even.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about the polishing blocks:

“Polishing blocks are the best helpers for a natural manicure because they naturally give a long-lasting and even shine!”

Premium polishing block for nail design

“For me, the natural shine provided by high-quality polishing blocks is a great alternative to classic clear varnish,” says our expert. The buffers for 💅 polishing are among our bestsellers, which our customers elevate to the Olympus of nail design with top ratings. These practical tools are similar in appearance to the well-known buffers: They have a rectangular shape, which is determined by the plastic sanding block on the inside. It is hard enough to provide support and strength while working, but soft enough to work on the natural nail with gentle pressure. On the sides of the polishing blocks there are very fine abrasive particles and a polishing side. The premium polishing blocks from our range are easy to hold and are suitable for everyday use in nail design.

  • Bestsellers with top reviews
  • Foam rectangle
  • Sanding block: firm & gentle
  • Abrasive particles & polishing side
  • Sits well in the hand
  • Suitable for everyday use

7 reasons for a buffer for polishing

In the classic manicure of natural nails, the polishing blocks are primarily used to gently level out unevenness, grooves or dents with fine abrasive particles and to create an even surface. The nail can then be brought to a high shine using the polishing side of the block - this process acts like a massage and stimulates blood circulation in the nail and cuticle so that normal growth can be supported. The polishing buffers are also ideal for men's manicures because they naturally ensure that the nails look well-groomed and healthy! “For me, the special advantage of using polishing blocks is that the shine they create naturally is long-lasting and only disappears easily and inconspicuously over time - there is no flaking and no remover is needed “ , explains our expert.

  1. Suitable for natural and artificial nails
  2. Gently level out grooves and dents
  3. Even surface
  4. Polish to a high shine
  5. Massage for nails & skin
  6. Suitable for men's manicures
  7. Long-lasting natural shine

Polishing block for nail modeling

The polishing blocks are also used when preparing the natural nails for modeling or the application of UV nail polish or Shellac. When modeling nails with gel, the practical helpers can be used to gently remove runny gel on the edges of the nail or gel, acrylic or varnish residue during refills and to mattify the nail. This ensures a better hold and avoids lifting when modeling with acrylic or gel.

  • Preparation for nail polish & modeling
  • Gently clean nail edges
  • Remove material carefully
  • Matt the nail for better hold