SOS-Tipps bei Nagelbruch

SOS tips for broken nails

Have you ever experienced the stinging feeling of a broken nail or felt the annoyance when your freshly painted fingernail suddenly cracks? Then you know exactly how frustrating and painful nail breaks can be. Your nails are not only a showcase for well-groomed hands and feet, but also important protection for your sensitive fingertips. They often reflect the state of your health and can break down more easily when deficient or stressed. Although nails appear robust, they are susceptible to various types of damage. Find out more about the causes and prevention of a nail break and benefit from our expert tips:

4 questions for our nail designer Nini

Whether it's opening a door quickly, carrying a heavy bag, or even typing on the computer, nail breaks can strike us unexpectedly and are rarely pleasant. To shed some light and learn more about this widespread phenomenon, we turned to a real expert: nail designer Nini. With years of experience in nail design and care, Nini has already advised and treated numerous customers. She knows the most common causes of nail breaks and has valuable tips on how to prevent and treat them. In our interview with Nini we will deal intensively with the topic of nail breakage, discuss the differences between natural nails and artificial nails and show effective solutions. So, if you want to know how to strengthen and protect your nails, stay tuned and let Nini's expertise inspire you!

ND24: Can you explain to us what exactly a nail break is?

Nail designer Nini: “A nail break occurs when the nail plate is attacked or broken. This can be very painful, especially because of the nerve pathways in the fingers. A nail break can even be dangerous if it develops into an open wound. In such cases you should definitely consult a doctor. If the model is broken but the natural nail is intact, the pain may arise from the trauma of the break."

SOS tips for broken nails

ND24: Nail breakage during modeling, what to do?

Nail designer Nini: “If the design is broken, I recommend putting a drop of nail glue into the break and pressing it down. This won't last permanently, but it will help file down the nail painlessly. If the break is deeper, you need to be careful as there is a risk of further damage to the nail plate.”

ND24: Is a nail break only possible with natural nails or also with gel nails?

Nail designer Nini: “A real nail break, in which the nail plate is damaged, can occur with both types of nails. It can only affect the top layer, but it can also go into the flesh. Such breaks often occur when the nail structure is not correct or when the nails have grown out for too long and the statics are no longer present.”

ND24: Do you have an unusual SOS tip for nail breakage on natural nails?

Nail designer Nini: “For those who don't wear nail polish at all or only wear nail polish and notice cracks on the sides, I have an SOS tip: Cut a piece out of a tea bag, place it on the affected area and seal it with clear varnish . This works really well!"

ND24: Do you have any advice for avoiding nail breakage during modelling?

Nail designer Nini: “Yes, the most important thing is to fill up the modeling in a timely manner. If the nails grow out too long, they lack the necessary stability, increasing the risk of breakage. For stencil extensions and tips, fiberglass strips can also be used to provide additional strength.”

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