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You can find modeling stencils for perfect nail designs made of metal, plastic or paper in our online shop. Even results and flawless shapes are easy to achieve with our premium modeling stencils!

The high-quality modeling stencils in our range are used in nail design to lengthen natural nails and repair artificial nails made of gel or acrylic. ⚒️ In our online shop we offer exclusive modeling stencils made of paper, plastic and metal with which you can model breathtaking nail designs . 😀 With these practical and well-thought-out helpers, even results can be achieved on all nails, creating a harmonious overall picture . 💙

That's what our nail designer says 👩‍🎨 Stefanie on modeling stencils:

“Stencils are ideal for gentle nail extensions without tips or for repairing broken edges and corners of gel or natural nails. A special advantage: The stencils can be easily adapted to any nail shape and nail curve!”

Nail design: Buy modeling stencils online

Are you looking for the perfect modeling stencil for your nail design? In our online shop you will find different variants: flexible and malleable paper stencils for different nail shapes, from stiletto to horseshoe , which are used once, or reusable modeling stencils made of metal or plastic. 💅 Our range also offers you practical modeling stencil dispensers made of acrylic , into which paper stencil rolls can be inserted, making work easier. You can find fiberglass strips to reinforce damaged natural nails here, as well as French manicure stencils in the shapes of crescent, clip, sickle, tip, wave or U-shape, which will help you create a flawless French line . 👐

  • Modeling paper stencils
  • Modeling metal stencils
  • Modeling plastic stencils
  • Modeling stencil dispenser
  • Fiberglass strips for reinforcement
  • French manicure stencils

Modeling paper stencils for perfect nail design

The modeling paper stencils in our range are flexible and malleable. The bestsellers are delivered on a roll made of removable paper - they are perfect for use in a modeling stencil dispenser . 👍 The high-quality modeling paper stencils can be easily adapted to any finger size and have a scaling for precise work and consistent results . Nail shapes such as square, horseshoe and stiletto are easy to achieve with these helpers. 💡 To use, the printed, pre-cut stencils are removed from the backing paper, placed on the finger and connected to each other. After modeling the nail , the template is simply removed and disposed of - it does not need to be cleaned because it is designed for one-time use . “Especially for problem nails, I rely on the flexible paper stencils, which can be individually adjusted without building up pressure or tension - repairs or rebuilding can be carried out quite easily and precisely with these helpers, even in difficult circumstances,” explains our nail designer. 🎀

  • Flexible
  • Malleable
  • Customizable
  • Scaling for precise work
  • Different shapes
  • For one-time use

Modeling stencils made of metal and plastic

In our range we offer modeling stencils made of metal and plastic that you can reuse . They can be flexibly adjusted to the size of the finger and have a particularly secure hold without slipping . After use, you can easily clean and disinfect the metal or plastic stencils thoroughly 🚿 , so that they are also suitable for professional use in the nail salon . “Plastic and metal modeling stencils can be cleaned and reused after use, which is particularly sustainable. “In addition, the firm fit of the products is perfect for beginners – when used correctly, nothing slips and you can work in peace,” says our expert. 💪

  • Reusable
  • Customize flexibly
  • Secure hold
  • Can be disinfected
  • Suitable for nail salons