Gelnägel kurz tragen – so sieht’s richtig gut aus

Wear gel nails short – that’s how it looks really good!

When it comes to nail design, many people immediately think of long, extravagant gel nails. But have you ever thought about trying short gel nails? Short gel nails are a great option for those who prefer a neat yet practical look.

3 benefits of short gel nails

Short gel nails have a lot of advantages, but these three make the look a real hit in nail design:

  1. Suitability for everyday use: Short gel nails are very practical in everyday life. They are less prone to breakage and make everyday tasks like typing on keyboards or wearing gloves easier.

  2. Natural look: Short gel nails offer a natural yet well-groomed appearance. Not only do they look professional, but they are also easy to combine with different outfits.

  3. Less maintenance: Compared to long gel nails, short gel nails require less maintenance. You don't have to worry about excessive breaking or chipping and can focus more on having fun.
Gel nails short wear suitable nail shape

Matching nail shapes for short gel nails

Pointed stiletto shape and short gel nails - that won't work, but you can choose three other shapes that look super beautiful and elegant:

Rounded: A rounded nail shape , also known as an oval shape, is ideal for short gel nails. It gives the nails a soft and natural look.

Square: The square shape , with the corners slightly rounded, can make short gel nails look more elegant and at the same time prevents the nails from tearing.

The squoval is also an eye-catcher for short nails . These rather square, short nails with delicately rounded edges are also known as “business nails”.

Best colors for short gel nails – our favorites:

  • Nude tones : Light nude colors look particularly chic on short gel nails and suit every occasion.
  • Pastel Colors: Soft pastel tones give nails a fresh and playful look that is perfect for spring and summer.
  • Classic red: A classic red polish gives the short gel nails a timeless elegance.

And what about dark, bold colors on short gel nails?

“You can definitely wear dark tones on short gel nails! Dark colors can look just as good on short nails as on longer ones - often even better because it's not too much!" explains our nail expert Nini.

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