Die richtige Nagelform finden

Find the right nail shape

Ballerina, stiletto, square - with so much to choose from, it's not easy to choose the right nail shape and nail length. Our nail designer recommends: “The natural nail dictates a lot to you - always choose the length and shape of your nails so that they fit your nail bed and your hand. Another criterion you should include is your everyday life: job, hobbies, children or pets place different demands on you and your nails than disco evenings and parties . Our expert has a few helpful tips for you on how to find the right nail shape for you.

The perfect nail shape for:

Nail biters

Nail biters often have very short nails and excessive cuticle growth because they are chewed off again and again. For this group of people, short nails (if necessary a small extension using the stencil technique) that are flush with the tips and have round edges are suitable at the beginning of the treatment. This leaves little room for nibbling and the short nails can grow back in peace. Once your natural nails have recovered a bit, you can try out other nail shapes and nail lengths.

Horse owners

Anyone who deals with animals often opts for shorter and rounder nail shapes, as this reduces the risk of injury to the animal. In addition, when working with horses there is a risk of impacts and leverage, which would have more surface area to attack with longer nails and could, for example, lead to painful nail breaks.

Queens of the night

In order to attract attention at parties, special events or in the disco, whatever you like is allowed. For these special times, it can also be ballerina or stilletto nails , which are long and angular or pointed and are also ideal for applying nail art.

Office jobs

For most office jobs, moderate nail lengths and shapes are a good choice. Here the length can extend slightly beyond the top, the shape can be rounded or angular.

Nails filed into the wrong shape – what to do?

If the stiletto nails have had their day or a self-attempt at filing ballerina nails hasn't worked, it's time to redesign the nails. “The longer the nail, the easier it is to make corrections. Then the nail can simply be shortened a small piece and filed into the new desired shape,” explains our nail designer. If you already have short nails, you can create length again and file new shapes using tips and stencil modeling . However, before you tinker with your own nails for too long, the expert recommends visiting a professional, also to avoid subsequent damage to your nails.

3 tips and tricks: Shape your nails

It is difficult for inexperienced people to file all nails uniformly, says our nail designer and recommends : “Continually look at the nail from all perspectives: from the front, from the side and from the customer's view of her nail in order to get a well-shaped result “ . Natural nails are usually different in shape, even in the white of their tips, which is also important to take into account when filing natural nails in order to get an even result, explains our expert. She also advises that if customers suddenly decide to have a completely different shape and length of nails than they usually wear, they should point out the pitfalls of long nails in everyday life, because: If you always wear short nails and suddenly have long ballerina nails, you have to First you get used to them so that you don't get into trouble everywhere and put unnecessary strain on the artificial nails.

  1. Look at the nail from all perspectives when filing
  2. Pay attention to the different shape of the natural nail when filing
  3. Be careful with sudden changes in shape and length of the nail
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