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In our online shop we offer you premium 🖌️ dust brushes for the gentle and careful removal of filing dust. From classic dusting brushes to design dusting brushes with glitter or in rainbow colors to nail dusting brushes, you will find everything you need for your best nail design in our range!

Classic dusting brushes in premium quality belong in the range of every nail designer - regardless of whether they are a beginner, a professional or a studio. The brushes for removing dust have everything you need to make your daily work easy and comfortable and to protect your customers' nails and skin. High-quality workmanship and attractive designs ensure that the beautiful brushes become an important accessory for the perfect nail design.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about the dust brushes:

“Dust brushes are a basic in nail design because they can be used to reliably and gently remove contaminants such as nail dust from the nail, because only a clean nail can provide perfect hold for the modeling or varnish!”

6 reasons for premium quality dusting brushes

The classic dust brush is indispensable for work in the nail salon - with its soft brush hairs, the filing dust can be removed carefully and gently, so that the cuticle and also the natural nail are protected. The dust arises during a manicure or when modeling nails with gel: With a refill, the old gel is filed off the artificial nail and replaced with a new one. A traditional 💨 dusting brush 🖌️ in premium quality consists of a handle that fits comfortably in the hand, a clamp that ensures a secure hold of the brush hairs and a voluminous tip full of soft brush hairs with which nail design work can be carried out comfortably and pleasantly , as they gently adapt to the shape of your fingers with your movements.

  1. Carefully remove filing dust
  2. Gentle on nails and cuticles
  3. Handy handle
  4. Reliable clamp
  5. Voluminous tip
  6. Very soft brush hairs

Practical beauties: Our designer dust brushes

Our 🎭 Design Dust Brushes 🖌️ offer the advantages of classic dust brushes for nail design and combine them with particularly attractive designs - they are suitable as a tool for professionals and in the studio for beginners. In our range we offer elegant brushes with filled glitter handles or the ingenious Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ dust brushes , whose design is based on a mermaid and whose rainbow colors are real eye-catchers. Tip from our expert: Since the dust brush is used every day, an exclusive design dust brush is an attractive gift for nail designers!

  • Dust brush with design
  • Glitter handles
  • Mermaid look
  • Rainbow colors
  • Gift idea for nail designers

How to use the dust brush correctly: 4 steps in nail design

“I use the dust brush every time I file my nail,” says our nail designer. The expert uses high-quality dust brushes to remove the filing dust after filing off the old gel during a refill, to brush off fine dust after matting the natural nail or to ensure cleanliness after filing the nail tip or template into shape. When the modeling gel has already been applied, filing work is carried out to create the perfect C-curve ↪️, a beautiful arch and a harmonious shape of the nail from all sides - the filing dust is then removed with the dust brush.

  1. Filing off gel dust when refilling
  2. Dressing the natural nail
  3. File into the shape of a tip or template
  4. Filing work on the modeling layer

Premium nail dust brush

In our online shop you will find high-quality 💅 nail brushes 🧹 that have extra-firm bristles with which you can remove dirt on your nails particularly thoroughly. The cuticle brushes are gentle on the skin and nails and do not irritate them if you work with gentle, even pressure. The brushes are easy to hold due to their ergonomic shape and are suitable for regular use in the studio. They can also be easily cleaned hygienically with lukewarm soapy water.

  • Firm bristles
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Gentle on skin & nails
  • Ergonomic handle shape
  • Suitable for studios
  • Easy to clean