Press On Nails

sind eine einfache und kosteneffiziente Methode, um langlebige, individuell gestaltbare Gelnägel bequem zu Hause zu kreieren, ideal für Naildesign-Einsteiger.

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Buy Press On Nails online and wear flawless nail designs with high-quality stick-on nails - ultra-fast and child's play!

Do you want attractive nails for a photo shoot or a business meeting? 👩‍💼 Or do you want a special nail design for the weekend? In the evening you want “More Drama” on your nails, but the next morning you have to go to the office? Then Press On Nails are exactly the right choice for you! They offer complete, already designed and shaped nails that you can easily stick onto your natural nail in a very short time - they can also be removed just as easily. For beginners, professionals and anyone who would like to quickly change their look, Press On Nails offer the perfect nail design! 💅 ✨✨✨

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Martina says about Press on Nails:

“The Press On Nails are suitable for everyone – from young to old. The DIY nails for at home are particularly popular, but professionals also rely on the cool nails, for example for shoots.”

Nail design trend: Order Press On Nails online

You can order the high-quality Press On Nails online as a full cover in classic colors or in trendy colors as well as as artificial nails with nail art - in almond shape, stiletto, short, long, round or straight, whatever you like them! 💖 The gorgeous artificial nails are made from high-quality, durable acrylic resins and come in 10 different sizes, so you have the right press-on nail for every natural nail. There are different ways to attach the Press On Nails to your nails: Nail Glue Stickers or self-adhesive Press On Nails are suitable for quick looks, can be removed quickly and are perfect for beginners. Tip glue ensures that the artificial nails last a long time and can also be easily applied to the nail with a little practice. Simply choose the right nail for your natural nail, stick it on and you're done! By the way: Professionals can also use Press On Nails with acrylic and gel - you can find out how to do this here ! 😊😊😊

  • Order high-quality press on nails online
  • Popular colors & trend colors
  • Press On Nails in different shapes
  • Adhesive nails in 10 sizes

The 5 most important benefits of Press On Nails

“Something different this evening? With Press On Nails you can change your nail design whenever you feel like it in no time,” explains our nail designer Martina. You don't need expensive professional equipment to apply or remove Press On Nails. Even beginners can create attractive, flawless nail designs in no time with the uncomplicated artificial nails - you don't have to be a nail art artist to wear exciting designs and elaborate motifs on your nails, because the Press On Nails are already designed. 💎 The flexibility of Press On Nails is particularly popular because short-lived looks can be implemented here as well as long-lasting, resistant nail designs (for example with tip glue), which are also suitable for everyone with an active everyday life, such as mothers, dog owners or athletes. Would you like to find out how you can easily apply Press On Nails to your nails? Our nail designer Martina will tell you here !❇️❇️❇️

  1. New nail design in a short time
  2. No expensive professional equipment required
  3. Suitable for beginners
  4. Flawless nail designs & nail art
  5. Uncomplicated & flexible