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Press On Tip Glue Gel

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Do you dream of elegant, robust and dimensionally stable nails, but have no experience with nail design? Our Glue Gel is the ideal solution! This innovative nail gel, which can be processed like modeling clay, is perfect for using press-on tips. With its unique, rubbery texture, it stays in place for easy and precise application. The gel is characterized by its strong adhesion, which ensures a lasting connection with your natural nail so that your nail design will impress in the long term.


  • Specially developed for use with press-on tips.
  • Stable gel that behaves like putty.
  • Fast curing in just 60 seconds.
  • After hardening, it is still flexible in consistency.
  • Comfortable to wear.

Fall in love with the elegant shine and glamor that our Glue Gel gives your nails. Try it out and enjoy the straightforward application that is easy to use even for beginners!


Instructions for applying the glue gel:

  • Prepare your nails by cleaning and matting them (lightly filing the surface) and, if necessary, trimming the tips.
  • Optional: For special nail conditions, such as soft or very thin nails, you can also use our Soak Off Rubber Base to increase adhesion.
  • Choose a press-on tip and matt the bottom inside with a mini buffer by lightly filing it.
  • Use the press-on tip to take a small amount of glue gel directly from the jar and form it into a ball with your fingers.
  • Place the gel ball on the end of the press-on tip and press it in lightly. Then place the tip end on your natural nail and press it onto the nail from the inside out. This process distributes the gel evenly and prevents the formation of air bubbles.
  • Important: Carefully remove excess gel with a rosewood stick before curing.
  • Let the gel harden under a nail lamp for 60 seconds.
  • Then buffer the surface of the press-on tip and further design it as you wish.

For the removal you will need a nail file, remover, remover tray, remover caps or wraps and, depending on the length, a cutter. After you have trimmed the nail and filed off the finish polish, soak each nail with remover in a remover tub (or you can use remover caps or wraps) and let it take effect for about 20 minutes. Finally remove the gel residue with a Remover Tool / ProPusher. After cleaning your hands from the remover, moisturize your hands with cuticle oil.


Lisa from the ND24 community asks:

"Dear ND24 team, I tried to do my nails with Press on Nails. Unfortunately I just can't do it long term, after a few days half of the nails are already gone. What am I doing wrong? Do you have a tip like me “I can get the Press on Nails fixed without a lot of extra effort?”

Answer from our nail design expert Nini:

“Dear Lisa, it's good that you turned to us with this, I definitely have a few tricks and tips for you! A good attachment of the press on nails is of course essential so that you can enjoy the look in a relaxed manner. You probably know that good nail preparation is the foundation for the durability of all your nail looks - of course this also applies to press-ons. Here you will find free, detailed instructions on how to properly prepare your nails. A well-prepared nail is half the battle, for the other half you need a really good connection between the natural nail and the press-on nail. There are various adhesive gels for this, but my favorite is definitely the Glue Gel: It has enormous adhesive power and a dough-like consistency, so you can easily apply it to the nail - no running, guaranteed. You basically take a ball of glue gel out of the pot and apply it directly into the press-on nail with light pressure. Then place it on the natural nail and massage it briefly so that the glue gel is distributed perfectly. Then just harden for 60 seconds and you're done! My absolute insider tip: For even more durability, apply a Soak Off Rubber Base according to the instructions before applying the Glue Gel - it stays rock-solid, even on thin or soft natural nails!”

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Customer Reviews

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B.H. (Stockheim, DE)
Glue Gel Press O’Neill Tip‘s

Gel ist super zu verarbeiten Haltbarkeit und Stabilität Spitze kann ich nur empfehlen sehr schnell neue Nägel

Y.L. (Elmshorn, DE)

Ich liebe es . So einfach aber so effektiv .