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Well-groomed feet with beautiful toenails are no problem with our accessories for the perfect pedicure! In our online shop, our professionals have put together everything you need for the care and nail design of your feet.

Our experts have selected the best pedicure instruments for you that ensure flawless results 👡👡👡 and are ideal for working on toenails . 👣👣👣You can also find premium podiatry grinder sets in our online shop under the heading, which make your work easier and are characterized by their high effectiveness and great time savings . 💖 Of course, classics such as files , sanding blocks and callus planes , as well as high-quality care products such as nail oil and paraffin baths, should not be missing. Order pedicure rules and LED light devices for perfect nail designs with gel 💅 on your toenails easily online from us! ✨✨✨

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about pedicures:

“Beautiful feet and toenails are essential, especially in the summer months – but feet should also be cared for in winter to keep them healthy and supple!”

Pedicure: Well-groomed feet with the right accessories

Our expert starts every foot care 👣 with a cleaning - old gel or nail polish residues are carefully removed. A professional podiatry grinder set serves well here, especially in studio operations. 💖 The effective devices with various abrasives are ideal for removing old modeling as well as annoying cuticles and bumps on the nail. 👍 Other instruments such as Pro Pusher , corner pliers , nail nippers and nail scissors are also used. For soft skin, our expert uses scented nail oils , the bestsellers in our online shop, and uses paraffin wax baths , which, as a wellness treatment with their pleasant warmth, are the perfect complement to a foot treatment . ✨ After cleaning, caring for and preparing the nail, nail polish or durable nail modeling is used for the perfect pedicure . In our range we offer you practical helpers such as toe separators , which make your nail design on your feet 💅 easier. 🎉

  • Professional grinder sets podiatry
  • Pro Pusher
  • Corner pliers & nail nippers
  • Nail scissors
  • Pedicure care products

Nail design: The perfect pedicure with gel

Our experts have developed specially tailored gels for a flawless pedicure 👣. They are Made in Germany , are produced without animal testing or animal products (vegan) and meet the requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation . 🐰🐰🐰 In our offer you will find pedicure all-round gels in clear and pink , which you can use as a 1-phase all-round gel 💅 for all layers of your modeling, from the primer to the structure to the finish. It is characterized by its medium viscosity and smoothes itself onto the nail - making it particularly easy to use . ✨In addition, you can choose the pedicure French gel , which has high coverage and is also very easy to process.👶 For the perfect French line, you can use our French manicure stencils . You can also order LED light devices for curing from us online to match the gels for pedicures . 💡💡💡

  • Pedicure gel all-round
  • Pedicure French Gel
  • LED light device for pedicure

Pedicure: hygiene in the studio

For our expert, hygiene in the studio is particularly important during pedicures 👣 💅. All instruments and work surfaces should be carefully cleaned and disinfected after foot care - we have, among other things, effective spray disinfection and cleaning sets for drills . We also offer hand disinfectant for hygienic work in the studio 🚿🚿🚿. A customer favorite 🎁 in our online shop is the antiseptic , which is applied to the nail to care for, care for and protect it and in this way prevent germs from penetrating. 👍