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Premium nail art 🖌️ You can easily find brushes for ingenious works of art on your nails in our range: fan brushes, nail art stripers or special one stroke brushes - we provide you with everything you need for individual color games and delicate patterns on your nails.

The versatile nail art brushes are the right accessories to conjure up individual and fascinating nail art on your nails. Our range includes a large selection of high-quality nail art brushes that are suitable for various areas of application: from modern color gradients and the legendary ombré look to filigree patterns and interesting detailed accents - with our product range you always have the right brush to hand, to achieve the best results for your nail design.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about the nail art brushes:

“The special nail art brushes are perfectly tailored to the unique requirements of different nail art techniques and ensure breathtaking looks on your nails!”

Color gradients and wiping effects with nail art fan brushes

“The fan-shaped brushes are an indispensable part of nail art, because they can be used to create excellent color gradients, color mixtures and wiping effects or to distribute glitter and shimmer evenly on the nails,” explains our expert. The premium 🦚 fan brushes 🖌️ from our range consist of a handle that fits comfortably in the hand and a ferrule that gives the hair a reliable hold. The tip of the brush is, as the name suggests, spread out like a fan, so that it creates a wide V-shape with the narrowest point at the ferrule. In addition to its use in nail art, the fan brush is suitable for removing excess pigments and cleaning the edges of the nails using the acrylic dipping technique. In our online shop we offer classic versions with wooden handles as well as design nail art 🦚 fan brushes 🖌️ with 🌟 glitter handles and high-quality synthetic hair in rainbow colors.

  • Gradients
  • Color mixing
  • Wiping effects
  • Remove excess pigments
  • Clean nail edges when dipping
  • Fits comfortably in your hand
  • Fan-like tip

Extraordinary design nail art brushes for fascinating nail art

Our design nail art brushes have an attractive look that makes them a highlight in nail design. Magical manicures, such as the baby boomers 👶 or the popular ombré look , can be created with high-quality nail art brushes with brush hairs of different lengths. They ensure that the colors are super easy to apply and can be gently smudged. Shades can be created just as easily with these premium brushes as many other individual color gradients. So-called flower brushes /products/nail-art-pinsel-bluemchen with specially shaped brush edges are also included in our range - with them you can easily conjure up flower motifs on your nails.

  • Brush hairs of unequal length
  • Baby boomer manicure
  • Ombre look
  • Shades
  • Individual color gradients
  • Flower motifs

Nail art brush striper for delicate accents

The nail art stripers 🚧 are long-haired brushes for unusual nail designs that we offer in different sizes - in a practical set or individually for beginners, studios or nail art professionals. These brushes, like the extremely fine drag brushes 🖌️ , are suitable for applying lines, dots and other very precise and delicate accents and patterns. Thanks to high-quality synthetic fine hair, these brushes have particularly elastic dimensional stability. “For me, nail art stripers are definitely part of the nail art artist’s basic equipment – ​​I use them often and love creating modern geometric patterns with them,” says our nail designer.

Artistic nail design with nail art one stroke brush

The supreme discipline in nail design is the one stroke technique. You can use it to conjure up true works of art on your nails – in no time at all. The One Stroke brushes 🎨 are used for this extraordinary and very individual nail art. With their comfortable handle shape, these brushes fit noticeably well in the hand and are ideal for different positions when working. The wide bristles of the One Stroke brushes are the perfect helpers for applying two shades to the tip at the same time, as is usual with this method, and applying them creatively to the nail to achieve attractive color play.

  • For works of art on your nails
  • In a short time
  • Sits well in the hand
  • Suitable for many work positions
  • Wide bristles for color mixing