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You can find premium 🥐 French brushes 🖌️ for the perfect French line in our online range. The high-quality brushes and dotting tools for the French ensure precision and make it easier for you to work with this popular nail design.

The French manicure is a classic nail design that impresses with its timeless beauty and is always the right choice. The breathtaking look is particularly characterized by its fine white line at the tip of the nail. It can have different shapes and different colors, bent or straight - it is always the heart of this nail design. In order to apply the French line evenly and draw a precise smile line 😊, in our online shop we offer you the premium French brushes that are specially designed for this task, for example with a slanted tip, or the practical swirl spots, which are also ideal for this Suitable for applying nail art.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about the French brushes:

“The special French brushes help you easily draw a perfect and even French line with a beautiful curve!”

9 reasons for French brushes from our online shop

The 🍟 French brushes 🖌️ from our online shop have a slanted tip and very fine hair, which is characterized by its elasticity and dimensional stability. The high-quality brushes for French with UV gels are handmade in Germany and guarantee the best results. They allow you to apply the French line easily and precisely during gel modeling for your nail design. The 🧰 Professional Tool Brush 🖌️ set from our range has a protective coating for acetone resistance and an elegant silver-colored ferrule. 🥐 French brush 🖌️ in different sizes, it is suitable for every user and is easy to clean so that it retains its elasticity for a long time. “High-quality brushes fit well in the hand, which is particularly important for everyday work in the studio. “In addition, your hair absorbs the French gel well, so you can distribute it evenly on the tip of the nail,” says our expert.

  1. Slanted tip
  2. Very fine hair
  3. Elastic & dimensionally stable
  4. Handmade in Germany
  5. Easy & precise application of the French line
  6. Protective coating
  7. Noble silver ferrule
  8. Acrylic brushes in many sizes
  9. Easy to clean

Perfect French line with spot swirl

Do you want the perfect French line? It's easy with our double-sided Spot Swirl (also known as a Dotting 💠 Tool or French Ball) ! The high-quality nail art tool is ideal for drawing the smile line, because with the help of the tool you can apply French gel or nail polish very precisely and evenly. The Spot Swirl 🖊️ is ergonomically shaped so that it fits comfortably in your hand while you work. Instead of fine hairs, it has a metal ball at its tip for particularly delicate nail design work. Stunning nail art such as rhinestones, mosaics and nail stickers can also be easily conjured up on your nails with the help of this tool. “For me, a dotting tool for the French manicure is definitely a must in the studio and I can also recommend this practical tool to beginners because you can work with it super precisely,” explains our nail designer Stefanie. She has a special tip that combines work with the ingenious dotting tool and the premium French brush: First apply some white to the tip over a large area with the French brush and then draw the smile line to the nail with the dotting tool to create an even look and at the same time get very precise results - this professional method is perfect for classic wedding nails, for example, where the French has an elegant triangular shape.

  • Draw the perfect French line
  • Precise smile line
  • For nail polishes and gels
  • Fits well in the hand
  • Metal ball as a tip
  • Suitable for nail art