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We offer you a large selection of high-quality acrylic 🖌️ brushes in our range - with ingenious properties for application for perfect results of your nail design. Elasticity, dimensional stability and many types of tips: With us, professionals, studios and beginners will always find the right brush!

Precise work is easy and comfortable with our high-quality acrylic brushes. Selected products with different tip shapes and made from valuable materials are reliable helpers for your nail design. With their elastic resilience, they are always in shape and are suitable for the individual elements when applying acrylic powder liquid modeling or acrylic gel modeling. In our range we offer you the best acrylic brushes made of fine synthetic hair or premium brushes with real Kolinsky red sable hair.

This is what our nail designer 👩‍🎨 Stefanie says about the acrylic brushes:

"Premium acrylic brushes capture the right amount of liquid with their fine hairs, so that the right amount of powder sticks for optimal nail modeling - without dripping!"

9 reasons for acrylic brushes from our online shop

The high-quality acrylic 🖌️ brushes from our range are ideal for classic acrylic powder-liquid modeling or innovative acrylic gel modeling. You can easily order them online and have them delivered to your home or directly to the studio. Every step is made easier for professionals and beginners with the premium brushes and perfect results are guaranteed. The brushes are characterized by very fine hairs, which are particularly dimensionally stable and at the same time super elastic for ingenious application properties. Protective varnishes, Acteon-resistant materials, silver-colored ferrules and a comfortable handle shape ensure that the acrylic brushes fit well in the hand and are easy to clean, so that they retain their flexible tension for a long time for any attractive nail design.

  1. Brush for acrylic powder liquid modeling & acrylic gel modeling
  2. For professionals and beginners
  3. Premium brush for every step of the job
  4. Perfect acrylic results
  5. Dimensionally stable & elastic
  6. Protective coating
  7. Acetone resistant
  8. Silver colored ferrules
  9. Pleasant grip shape

Acrylic Brush: Drop tip for best results

“With high-quality acrylic brushes in the right shape, you can distribute your material for acrylic modeling perfectly and precisely on the nails,” says our expert. In general, for working with acrylic modeling, acrylic brushes are chosen that have a rounded and tapered shape. Acrylic brushes 🖌️ in teardrop shape 💧 are particularly popular - here the hair part of the brush appears like a drop that emerges from the ferrule in a bulbous shape and tapers all around towards the tip. The fineness of the brush hairs also plays an important role with acrylic, because the many fine hairs can absorb the liquid particularly well. Sizes from 6 to 8 to 10 are usually chosen - try out which brush size works best for you. The high-quality acrylic brushes are easy to clean and retain their elasticity over a long period of time. Our expert recommends using professional brush storage to protect your premium acrylic brushes and ensure they can be used for a long time.

Premium Kolinsky red sable brush for acrylic

Our range includes high-quality Kolinsky Red Marten 🐿️ Quality brushes for acrylic, Made in Germany 🇩🇪 . They have the finest real hair, which is characterized by its unique fineness and ensures an exceptional application experience as well as fascinating results when nail modeling. Since the valuable natural hair is very rare, these premium brushes are considered particularly exclusive and noble. Elastic and dimensionally stable thanks to the high-quality materials, the Kolinsky premium brushes are ideal for professionals and studios. They also have the popular teardrop shape, with which the classic acrylic liquid and powder as well as the modern acrylic gel can be easily processed.

  • Premium acrylic brush
  • Made in Germany
  • Finest real hair
  • Exceptional order properties
  • For fascinating results
  • Elastic & dimensionally stable
  • Teardrop shape