Wie pflege ich meine Nägel im Winter?

How do I care for my nails in winter?

Dry skin and splintering nails - winter is hard on nails and skin. “Snow, rain and sub-zero temperatures outside alternating with dry, hot heated air inside – this attacks the nails and the skin on the hands and feet. “In addition, you disinfect regularly to prevent illnesses and the body’s natural protection is completely irritated, natural fats and moisture are lost,” explains our expert. She has put together tips and tricks for you to keep your hands and feet well-groomed in winter.

Winter care ☃️ for beautiful feet 🦶

  • Comprehensive care
    Hands and nails should be moisturized regularly with a rich cream . These products not only contain moisture, but also moisturizing and protective substances such as urea. You should avoid alcohol or strong fragrances when using this care product.

  • Use serum

    To support your nails and the surrounding skin, you can use keratin-containing or moisturizing serums. After you have massaged this in, you should apply your rich care product as usual.

  • Gentle manicure
    Gently shape your nails by filing them in one direction. Clippers and scissors can cause nails that are already brittle to splinter. You should also push back the cuticles regularly and carefully to avoid tearing.

  • Groom in the evening
    Use all care products in the evening before going to bed so that they can work undisturbed overnight.

  • Pay attention to the diet
    In order for the body to protect itself, it needs various vitamins and minerals as well as sufficient water, which you should supply through a varied diet and sufficient drinking.

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5 expert tips for well-groomed hands and nails in winter:

“During the winter, feet are sometimes forgotten and not cared for for months. This can cause a strong callus to form, which in the worst case can tear painfully and become an entry point for bacteria,” explains our nail designer. To keep your feet well-groomed in winter, she recommends regular application of rich creams . If necessary, a crack cream can also be used. Care oils are also suitable because they penetrate into fine cracks and can care for them. The callus should be gently removed regularly and the nails should be kept short - our expert recommends using the winter time to leave the toenails without varnish, gel or acrylic to give them time to regenerate.

• Rich cream

• Cracked cream
• Care oils
• Gently remove calluses regularly
• Keep nails short
• Take a break from the paint for regeneration

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Extra tip from our expert for winter care for hands and feet:

“In the studio, I regularly peel my hands and feet to remove dead skin cells and keep the skin super soft. You can easily make a natural peeling at home: Mix a nourishing oil, such as jojoba or olive oil, with sugar to form a paste and rub your hands and feet with it. The skin becomes super supple with a subsequentparaffin bath , in which a mask is first applied, then the warm, protective paraffin is placed around it and a hygiene and warming cotton glove allows time for the active ingredients to be absorbed in a relaxed manner. By the way, paraffin baths are also great for caring for dry areas of skin on the elbows and knees.”

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