💡Tipps für ein mobiles Nagelstudio

💡Tips for a mobile nail salon

Beautiful nails in the comfort of your own home - if you are not mobile or simply prefer to have your nails done in your own four walls, you will be happy with mobile nail salons. These offer the advantage for nail designers that they can structure their day very flexibly and the fixed costs for a studio or additional employees can be saved. But in order to run the mobile nail salon profitably, some planning and structuring is required. High-quality equipment , clean and careful work and good time management are important factors on the way to success with a mobile nail salon, explains our nail designer Stefanie.

Mobile nail salon – everything you need for the perfect nail design

“It is essential for a mobile nail salon to always have all the products at hand. For me, the best solution here is a classic, large cosmetics trolley , says our expert. For her, spending hours rummaging around in deep pockets or constantly having to run to the car because something is still missing are an absolute no-go: “That costs time and it’s annoying – even for the customer!” A high-quality cosmetic case offers the opportunity to store all the products you need for a nail design so that you can see them immediately at a glance. Our expert recommends choosing a suitcase with many compartments so that all products have a fixed place. Furthermore, the case should be weatherproof so that rain and cold cannot damage your valuable items. The equipment should also be protected from UV radiation - which is why opaque trolleys are particularly recommended.

Beauty suitcase Bellezza
Beauty Trolley Diamond
Beauty trolley Cassandra

5 expert tips for the perfect cosmetic case:

  1. Big enough for all products
  2. Well structured for a better overview
  3. Lots of compartments for storage
  4. Weatherproof
  5. Opaque

Extra tips: What you should always have with you

“In order to leave a professional impression, I recommend that mobile nail salons carry a comfortable hand rest and a clean and sterile surface. These can protect tables and prevent disease transmission via the mat. For yourself, you should also make sure that you always have clean gloves and a face mask with you. What I find particularly important: Always have an extension cable or a multiple socket in your suitcase, because you never know what awaits you there!”

nail tool
Hand rest

Scheduling: This is how you make good time

To ensure that your appointments with your customers are as punctual and efficient as possible, our expert recommends good structuring: Always schedule appointments on a given day in one district so that you don't have to travel long distances and get caught up in time-consuming traffic jams. If you have a new customer, take a close look at the address beforehand and plan the route - if you are unsure, ask them, especially about parking options or public transport stops nearby. If you drive your own car, make sure that it is always running and fueled up. Of course, it is also important to correctly assess your own abilities and plan some time buffer, because it is not always clear in advance what the conditions on site will be.

  • Place appointments in a city district
  • Plan route
  • Ask for parking options nearby
  • Correctly assess your own abilities
  • Plan a time buffer

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