Studentenrabatte für dein Nageldesign

Student discounts for your nail design

Do you want to wear trendy nail designs and save money? We'll tell you why you should rely on student discounts for nail design! Discounts for students have a long tradition, as budgets can be tighter during this phase of life. Discounts for students have also become popular in the beauty sector, because beautiful nails and well-groomed hands are in demand during studies, pre-internships, practical semesters or student jobs. Our expert will tell you what advantages discounts for students bring you when it comes to nail design. You can find out here how you can easily get a whopping 24% student discount in our online shop for nail design.

3 reasons: Why is it worth paying attention to student discounts in nail design? 🤑

In most nail design shops there are temporary offers and discount campaigns. A problem can be being able to see and perceive these in time. Maybe you don't have any money or are busy right now - and you've already missed the offer. The same problem occurs if you want to buy the products in a physical store - if you missed the promotion or opening times, you won't be able to save any money. Make sure you get flexible student discounts that you can use when it suits you - like our 24% discount for students. This way you can enjoy high-quality products at affordable prices at any time and are independent of short-term promotions. This offers you maximum freedom to buy your nail design online according to your personal style, when and how it suits you.

  1. Don't miss any offers & discounts
  2. Shop online at any time with a discount
  3. Order nail designs individually

Student discount for nail design: 3 questions for the expert💅

Are you wondering where you can get interesting discounts for students on nail design and other beauty products or how to best use your discount for your DIY nail design? Our expert Stefanie answered three questions about the discount for students in nail art and nail design.

Where can I get student discounts for nail design?
Nail designer Stefanie: “You can find discounts for students in various places, for example Studentbeans is well-known and popular : Here you will find many discounts and discount codes for students collected and clearly sorted into categories. Register for free just once and use everything. At ND24 you can easily secure a 24% student discount on nail design via Studentbeans or directly via our online shop.”

How do I make the most of my student discount for nail design?
Nail designer Stefanie: “I would personally recommend that you choose one of the starter sets first if you are a beginner. In these sets you will find everything you need to get started with nail design for students. If you already have experience, you can of course also purchase great highlights or favorites with the student discount.”

What benefits do I get from the student discount for nail design?
Nail designer Stefanie: “The discount for students allows you to buy high-quality nail design products at reasonable prices. This gives you the opportunity to get started with your own nail design and then keep trying out new things. You can also implement popular trends on your nails or use classics to ensure a well-groomed appearance if required. There are no limits to DIY nail design!"

Gel sets
Acrylic sets
Lacquer sets

🎓Study nail designs for university, job & leisure

Anyone who regularly deals with fellow students, teachers or customers in a student job needs high-quality and durable nail designs. You have to ensure a well-groomed appearance during the day when studying or at lectures and while working, but also during sports and other leisure activities. At the same time, they also have to endure a lot, for example in the laboratory or on excursions. For the perfect nail design for students, subtle classics such as French manicures and their modern baby boomer variants can be just as popular as trendy colors as a full cover. “Which look is right depends on your personal style and the demands that your everyday life places on your nails,” says our nail designer Stefanie.

  • Student discount with tradition
  • Well-groomed hands during your studies
  • Beautiful nails for internships & part-time jobs
  • Durable nail designs
Baby Boomers
French manicure
Perfect pedicure

Student party: Runs with beautiful nails🍾

Do you want to cut a good figure at the next student party? "When, if not now? I think student time is perfect to try out a lot of things and dare to do something extraordinary on your nails,” explains our expert. There are many special beauties in nail design for student parties either in your own shared apartment, with friends, in the club or in the open air. In addition to the timeless classics and modern trend colors for your nail design, there is also extraordinary nail art and much more that makes your look unique. Thermo gels with surprising color changes, effect gels with glitter and mica or trendy acrylic neon colors - create your individual nail design for the next shared apartment party according to your style and benefit from a 24% student discount !

  • Try new nail designs
  • Trend colors
  • Exceptional nail art
  • Effect gels
  • Color change on nails
  • Neon nail designs
Fashion Colors
Star Nails
All eyes on neon
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